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    DCS 2.0.5

    DCS 2.0.5 changelog

    Added support of DCS Spitfire IX.

    DCS World
    • Added cargo name in status bar.
    • Helicopters. When track replays, helicopter "rudder trimmer" local settings will not apply. Only track settings will work.
    • Script Crash player with querying groups of Mi-8 and UH-1H will not bring crash.
    • FARP and cargo objects will be able to selecting and then viewed via the F10 map.
    • Ground units life in the trigger condition will correspond to lifebar indication.
    • Marker smoke of cargo unload zone will work at 2 km distance and closer.
    • Multiplayer. Server port can be reassigned in Multiplayer GUI.
    • VR. Tool tip box size corrected.
    • VR: Training mission helper cursor and highlight box will be visible.
    • Mission generator. Fixed error that appears with generating mission for some aircraft.
    • Fixed GUI error when using 'Nav. targets points' in ME.
    • Fixed GUI error when tried to change object type for object that already used in advanced task
    • Su-25T. Corrected payload with one jammer pod. Added second jammer pod.
    • Custom cockpit liveries now can be placed in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries folder (for example liveries for F-86 cockpit can be placed here: "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Cockpit_F-86F Sabre").
    • Antiradiation missiles. Corrected guidance system. Corrected launch zone calculation.
    • GBU-12 guidance corrected.
    • Mouse cursor will disappear when idle.
    • Mission generator. Mission generator will create radio presets section in mission file.
    • Training missions. Local player callsign will be correct.
    • MQ-9 Reaper. Camo liveries corrected.
    • Unit.getRadar() function now will return ‘true’ for tracking radars part of SAM complex.
    • Chinese speech support added.
    • TOW Bradley M2 launch interval decreased to 2 sec
    • SAM Avenger too small launch interval in some cases corrected
    • SAM Stinger (Igla) launch event now appears in briefing
    • Ground unit weapons name in briefing corrected
    • ATGM launch delay when units belong the same group removed
    • Ground unit now continues deploy process after AI switching OFF and ON
    • Ground Search Radar becomes inactive (but remains rotates) when get 50% damage.
    • Updated 3D model of MiG-29S (9-13S).
    • All waypoints for ground start helicopters are checked for valid terrain.
    • Aerobatics. AI planes will not turn left after loop maneuver instead flying straight.
    • Added F-5E-3 skins by winners of F-5E skin contest.
    • Added updated Kilo class submarine.
    • AI SAMs will not shooting to dead aircraft
    • Fixed bug that caused to AI wingmen not starting up in some missions.

    • Ka-50 cockpit sounds updated.

    DCS F-5E
    • Fuel leakage from damaged fuel tank decreased
    • AHRS will not work when related CB'S are off
    • Fuel flow from external tanks corrected
    • Fixed landing gear alternate release
    • Roll trimmer motion rate decreased
    • Fixed frequent CADC failures.
    • Gear doors are open at cold start.
    • Added the section for use GBU-12 bombs in the Flight Manual

    DCS FC3
    • Su-27. Added axes for separated pedal wheel brakes and nose wheel steering control
    • Su-27. Emergency brake handle added into cockpit.
    • Su-33. Refueling probe will not appears inside cockpit.
    • Su-33. Emergency brake and Emergency hook handles added into cockpit.

    DCS L-39
    • Added trimmer synchronization in multiplayer
    • Engine can be stopped in air when "solo flight" option enabled
    • Flaps control buttons will return into upper position after flaps moving finished
    • Turn Coordinator deflection corrected
    • Fixed GMK heading synchronization in multiplayer

    DCS UH-1H
    • Damaged pitot system can be repaired.
    • Player will not be able to interact with cockpit after all crew members are dead.

    DCS A-10C
    • Air refueling sound will not play after disconnecting from tanker
    • Corrected damage model of engine nacelles.

    DCS MiG-21bis
    • Fixed misaligned Taxi Lights
    • Fixed various external model (LOD) errors
    • Corrected R-13M and R-13M1 missile performance
    • Fixed anti-skid regardless of nose wheel brake
    • Corrected FM roll inertia
    • Corrected R-55 & RS-2US performance
    • Adjusted In-Ground Effect (IGE)

    DCS M-2000C
    • Added dynamic nose and tail numbering
    • Added slight buffet at very high pitch rates
    • Added airfoil aerodynamic force shift back with mach
    • Updates to jammer switch functionality based on community feedback
    • Updates to reduce control effectiveness at high AOA
    • Updates to AP control tuning (some regimes still WIP)
    • Updates to various AP logic (some features still WIP)
    • Updates to afterburner fuel flow schedule (lower fuel flow with altitude as expected)
    • Updates to afterburner performance for acceleration timing (reduced from previous)
    • Updates to transonic drag modeling for performance and accelerating timing (greatly increased drag from previous)
    • Updates to external fuel tank and 530D parasite drag values for performance and acceleration timing (minor increase)
    • Updates to low speed AOA recovery control law for better response
    • Updates to airfoil tables and stability coefficients to better match sustained turn rate charts (in general before had too high subsonic, too low supersonic)
    • Updates to hydraulic system damage model
    • Fixed AP still in standby when re-engaged when AP was previously turned off while in standby
    • Fixed AP not allowed to disengage when in standby
    • Fixed FBW gains on ground behavior
    • Fixed some typos in tooltips
    • Fixed a minor blending issue in FBW control laws
    • Fixed engine inlet mass flow too high at high AOA
    • Fixed engine efficiency at altitude and at idle (reduced)
    • Fixed minor issue with drag reduction due to slats (reduction was too high previously)
    • Fixed INS flight plan no longer will reset when rearming or refueling

    DCS C-101 by AvioDev
    • New 3D external model, textures and liveries.
    • New 3D cockpit model and part of the textures.
    • Pilot model updated.
    • Main altimeter got updated behaviour (lagging) when the internal vibrator is OFF.
    • Fixed main altimeter negative altitudes display.
    • Fixed a minor glitch in altimeters with the pointer jump, when the baro setting is changed during aircraft climbing/descending.
    • Barometric setting is not affected now by the pointer stuck due to the internal vibrator being OFF.
    • Rear cockpit STARTER CB will prevent engine starter operation when is pulled (works in parallel with the forward cockpit CB).
    • Fixed rear cockpit TARSYN control panel and FD annunciator panel.
    • Made clock chronometer seconds hand moving discretely (4 steps per a second).
    • Clock chronometer seconds hand will move backwards, when earlier time is set and chronometer was operating.
    • Fixed CAWS lights ON/OFF and dimming logic when battery cycled ON and OFF.
    • Modified cockpit snap views and default cockpit view.
    • Fixed smoke control panel layout.
    • Fixed smoke CB position.
    • Modified smoke colour.
    • GPU sound is heard now at external views.
    • Added new sounds in the cockpit: canopy, canopy lock/ safety handles, canopy detachment lever, parking brake handle, emergency gear extension lever, ejection handle.
    • Added a specific 'buzz' sound, which is heard once batteries are ON.
    • Sounds for canopy move and open/close locks and the 'buzz' sound are heard at external views now.
    • Added a quiet 'clicking' sound in cockpit. It is heard when the secondary DC bus is energized.
    • Added sound for UHF knobs.
    • Changed several cockpit sounds from mono to stereo.
    • Adjusted delays, open/close, lock/unlock, squeeze/release timings in the canopy animation.
    • The canopy safety catch (release handle) now can be squeezed with the canopy locked - the canopy will open immediately, once the canopy lever is unlocked.
    • Canopy animation updated.
    • Fixed View axis commands for Joystick Inputs.
    • Fixed magnetic compass light switch.
    • Selected second cockpit controls can be heard now from the other cockpit.
    • Fixed ADI display.
    • Added CN version of C-101 EB Flight Manual.
    • Added stairs and helmet to cockpit view when aircraft is off and canopy opened.
    • Other seat pilot's head is now animated in the cockpit.
    • Wheel chocks and stairs work correctly now in flyable aircraft.
    • Fixed external lights panel.
    • Fixed AI external lights logic.
    • Fixed landing light position.
    • Fixed cockpit mirror animation.
    • Pilot's helmet glass in first-person view implemented (‘H’ key by default).
    • Forward cockpit canopy will be teared off if it was not locked, once the ejection sequence has been started on ground.
    • Ejection safety pin now disables the eject handle clickspot until the safety pin is pulled.
    • Ejection seat model updated.
    • Deleted fuel flow test button from rear cockpit.

    DCS Combined Arms
    • BMP-1 and BMD-1 now have common sight for all the turret armaments.
    • Fixed missile armament “hangup” in mode of “missile guidance”.
    • Voice message “enemy burn” will not play when destroying infantries.
    • Fixed inverted lengthwise swinging of unit body while accelerating or braking in reverse gear.
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      DCS 2.0.5 Update 1

      DCS Update 1 Changelog

      DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Leatherneck integrated.

      DCS World
      • S-25OF rocket engine plume increased.
      • Sweden is in the blue coalition by default.
      • Adjusted propeller drawing procedure for correct blur appearance.
      • ME. Trigger zone could be set below 100 meter radius.
      • MiG-29S. Errors of external 3D model corrected.
      • Force Feedback with Saitek Cyborg Evo Force joystick restored (need to add ‘input.blacklist_ffb = false’ line into \Saved Games\DCS\autoexec.cfg file).
      • SA-15 Tor. Rearming restored.
      • MP. F10 map will works correctly after mission changing.
      • Game crash when player issues command Group.destroy() to their own group fixed.
      • Fire effect of BetAB-ShP piercing concrete bomb booster corrected.
      • Aircraft without internal gun will have gunpod sound.

      DCS Hawk by VEAO
      • AHRS failure on re-spawn fixed.
      • HYD2 pressure loss on re-spawn fixed.
      • Keyboard pitch control now auto re-centers preventing HYD bleed during flight.
      • Swiss textures being black in F1 and F2 view fixed.
      • Liveries: “Finland HW-329 Green Brown” added to country Finland.
      • Liveries: “Finland HW-341 Grey” made more matte and wrong liveries name fixed (was “HW-373 Grey” instead of “HW-341 Grey”)
      • External canopy glass made more transparent.
      • Updates to EFM flight model.

      DCS CA
      • Added full support of hieroglyphs for the binoculars interface.
      • Crash when controlled Igla collides with building fixed.
      • Crash when player leaves ground unit with turned ON radar view fixed.

      DCS F-5E
      • Muzzle flashes will not appear inside cockpit.

      DCS Spitfire IX
      • Changed altimeter set pressure scale from ATA to millibars.

      DCS Flaming Cliffs 3
      • Su-25. Gunsight reticle indication of range is corrected.

      DCS C-101 by AvioDev
      • Fixed collision model to improve FPS, especially when flying close to some objects.
      • Improved flaps external model.

      Known Issues:
      MiG-21bis: Significant performance drop when other aircraft placed nearby.
      M-2000C: Significant performance drop with enabled mirrors when canopy is opened or jettisoned.

      Will fix ASAP.

      Also, you need to have VC14 Runtime installed on your PC:
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      Вакансии в ED


        DCS 2.0.5 Update 2

        DCS Update 2

        Introduced new F-5E ACM campaign by Maple Flag.

        DCS World
        • MP. Repairing client no longer causes crash. Fixed an occasional crash that could occur when restarting mission. Other stability improvements.
        • AIM-7M. DLZ of AIs corrected.
        • Fix of lift ground effect under objects.
        • AI fighters will attack helicopters with the close range AA missiles.
        • Fixed an older issue where AI vehicles are unable to find a road if the first on road waypoint isn't placed on a road.
        • Invalid number of chaff/flares in rearming menu fixed.
        • BetAB-500ShP. Corrected a rocket motor flame position.
        • S-24 rocket. Corrected a rocket motor flame volume.
        • ME. Advanced actions - perform command - transmit message locale bug is fixed.
        • Encyclopedia. Some updates and bugfixes.
        • The midair crashes (feel like invisible obstacles) of aircraft near Nellis fixed.

        DCS C-101 by AvioDev
        • Fixed auto startup sequence. No more BLOC.CAB announcement after autostart.
        • Fixed main wheels coordinates, wheel smoke will be shown correctly now.
        • Fixed helmet visor texture (removed banding).

        DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM
        • POL mode bug fixed. Now all weapons safetied when in POL mode.
        • D2M keybinds fixed.
        • Minor changes to FM.

        DCS Flaming Cliffs
        • Bomb-fall line on russian aircraft HUD will not be flashing.
        • Su-27. Corrected wheel brakes. Added new command for brakes - LShift+W.

        DCS Combined Arms
        • Tunguska (SA-19). The auto-sighting when stabilization is on corrected.

        DCS Mi-8MTV2
        • Camera shake cockpit feature was added
        • 6 basic checklists were added in the voice-over mode of the AI crew and with the waiting of the user's actions (RU locale only a while).
        • R-828 sound commutation fixed in according with SPU rotary switch.
        • SPU - max volume at hot start.
        • DC rotary switch in BATT BUS position by default at hot start.

        Sadly, some critical issues still not fixed because we can't reproduce them and find a reason. However, we still working on it and hope to resolve these issues ASAP.
        Known issues:
        • M-2000C: Significant performance drop with enabled mirrors when canopy is opened or jettisoned.
        • MiG-21bis: Significant performance drop when other aircraft placed nearby.
        • L-39 engine stops right after entering the mission.
        • L-39 starts perpendicular to RWY.
        • A-10C Crash when battery switch is used from cold start.
        • F-15C control axis don't work.
        • Bf-109, Spitfire - some gauges don't work.
        • F-5 Freezes DCS completely, CTD, regardless if in the air or ground.
        • DCS сrashes when Shilka hits a FC3 plane.
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          DCS 2.0.5 Update 3

          DCS Update 3

          DCS World
          • Fixed issue of SF protection that caused of random malfunctions in the game:
            - L-39 engine stops right after entering the mission.
            - L-39 starts perpendicular to RWY.
            - Bf-109 Gauges don't work, engine stop (out of fuel).
            - Mirage 2000C no way to go to afterburner, even with the throttle full open. It stops at 84 instead of over 240 fuel flow. After about 30 seconds in the air, it trims uncontrollably up, like the Viggen, but much worse.
            - A-10C Crash when battery switch is used from cold.
            - F-5 Freezes completely DCS, CTD, regardless if in the air or ground.
            - Spitfire Fuel on 0%, engine stops after a few seconds.
            - Spitfire lots of cockpit animation don't work.
            - F-15C control axis don't work.
          • Fixed crash caused by damage certain elements of A-10A.
          • Helipad icon on F10 view will change color after capturing by other coalition.
          • Change customized cockpit will take effect without restarting DCS.
          • Incorrect parking place in some QS missions on second launch fixed.
          • AI helicopters will have a clouds of dust effect near ground surface.

          DCS C-101 by AvioDev
          • Added missing C-101 EB/CC default skin to several countries in ME. Added Chile, Honduras, Jordan and USAF Aggressor skins to their respective countries in ME.

          DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM
          • Fixed issue that caused a huge FPS drop with enabled mirrors and opened canopy.
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            DCS 2.0.5 Update 4

            DCS Update 4

            DCS World
            • Fixed GUI Error when using the condition for the task

            DCS FC3
            • F-15C. Fixed performance drop issue related to control axis moving in some cases.

            DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations

            Important: This update contains the MiG-21Bis StarForce patch.
            Before applying this update, please visit ED forum thread for detailed information:
            • Adjusted flaps’ drag coefficients.
            • Adjusted axis roll at slow speeds.
            • Adjusted pitch, roll, and yaw stability.
            • Adjusted acceleration in climb and turning.
            • Fixed unusual event when AOA stalls, caused aircraft to enter uncontrollable roll.
            • Fixed RSBN, PRMG, SAU automatic landing modes, causing unwanted oscillation.
            • Fixed default chaff and flare quantities for ASO-2 configuration.
            • Fixed the armament selection switch’s logic.
            • Adjusted IR missiles’ detection range.
            • Fixed radar ground reflections’ algorithm while flying inverted.
            • ВДИ-30К altimeter now calibrated for International Standard Atmosphere
            • Fixed RSBN distance indicator changing from XX9 to X2X.
            • UPK-23-250 control box now shows.
            • Corrected “Main Red Lights” rotation animation.
            • Corrected ADI/HSI’s light illumination sequence.
            • Adjusted afterburner animation and sound synchronization.
            • Fixed navigation beacons locations and ordering
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              DCS 2.1.0

              DCS 2.1.0 is starting of new lineup of DCS 2.1 versions with integrated of NTTR and Normandy map together, new deferred shading and PBR features and numbers of a less major improvements.

              Known issues that will be fixed ASAP:
              The HUD indication would not be visible on the sky background in some circumstances.

              DCS World
              • Introduced deferred shading and PBR.
              • Crash on second launch of track with JTAC fixed.
              • Scripting Engine. Weapon.getTarget() will returns correct value with SEAD weapons.
              • LOS determination fixes, Fog Of War fixes.

              DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
              Rear cockpit functionality removed for now for server stability. This should prevent server crashes when players eject, please report feedback.

              Known bugs:
              • GTS and Engine spool up sounds not working.
              • HUD glass showing pink during day and red at night with deferred shading set to On.
              • External model bullet hole textures showing incorrectly with deferred shading set to On.
              • Taxi/landing light not casting light on surface with deferred shading set to On.
              • Taxi/landing light texture on external model incorrect with deferred shading set to On.
              • For now, it is best advised to turn deferred shading Off (in settings) when flying Hawk.

              DCS MiG-21bis by MAGNITUDE 3 LLC
              • Added navigation support for Normandy (RSBN/PRMG only, no NDBs at the moment).
              • SAU landing mode improvement
              • FFB stick movement on roll improvement, when SAU is activated
              • Fixed pitched trimming with FFB

              DCS Mi-8MTV2 by Belsimtek
              • Input. AI gunners commands can be bind to input devices.
              • Bug-fix HSI initialization

              Bug-fixes of AI-gunners:
              • no fire during FIRE behavior option choice and target are within the range of shooting
              • AI gunners aiming
              • AI gunners skill slider
              • Bug-fix scale of speed indicator US-450
              • Added "dirty glass" (_glass_dirt) texture and livery (with choice from SPECIAL tab)
              • Tuned swing during engine start and buffet (vibration) during flight

              DCS UH-1H by Belsimtek
              Bug-fixes of AI-gunners:
              • no fire during FIRE behavior option choice and target are within the range of shooting
              • AI gunners aiming
              • AI gunners skill slider

              DCS MiG-15bis by Belsimtek

              DCS F-5E by Belsimtek
              • Corrected rockets release with 60 ms interval set via kneeboard.

              DCS C-101 by AvioDev
              • New changes not included in latest 1.5.6 update:
              • Reworked ADI model and texture: new appearance, plus pitch and roll angles are now more accurate.
              • Fixed PAT mode FD pitch steering indication.
              • Fixed ADI FD Bar for GO AROUND mode.
              • Fixed FD GO AROUND light, which stayed lit after PAT, ALT modes engagement.
              • Best climb attitude in GO AROUND mode adjusted according to aircraft operations manual.
              • Fixed HSI course and heading knobs which should have no limit when sliding mouse (scrolling was already OK).
              • ANTISKID logic is implemented now as follows:

              - The indicator is off when the system operates normally or gear handle is set to 'GEAR UP' or CB 'BRAKES & ANTISKID' is pulled.
              - The indicator displays 'OFF/ANTISKID' (both orange and red lights) when gear is set to 'GEAR DOWN', antiskid system is powered (CB not pulled), and antiskid system is turned OFF.
              • Fixed following switches, they are now spring-loaded:

              - Generator on/off/reset
              - Generator fault/overvoltage test
              - Manual temperature control switch (the one in the Air Conditioning Panel - COLD/MANUAL/WARM)
              • Following lights can now be rotated to adjust their brightness: Markers, IFF Reply, IFF Test, Emergency Pitch Trim, and Ignition.
              • Standby Attitude Indicator setting knob has now limits when scrolling.
              • Fixed Airspeed Indicator Bug, it travels now correctly.
              • Updated training missions due to generator test switch argument value change.
              • Adjusted ILS parameters.
              • ILS receiver sensitivity adjusted.
              • Fixed instruments glass and canopy reflections (WIP).

              Changes already present in latest 1.5.6 update, which are new for 2.1.0:
              See DCS 1.5.6 Update 2 and DCS 1.5.6 Update 3.

              DCS A-10C
              • Roll will not induced side-slip with SAS on.
              • TACAN. Test light shape corrected.
              • Landing Gear Position Lights will lit at night.
              • RWR PRI Mode indicator will lit at night.

              DCS Flaming Cliffs
              • Su-27. Cockpit stick animation angles corrected.

              DCS L-39
              • Corrected L-39 Instant Missions for NTTR map.
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                DCS 2.1.0 Update 1

                DCS Update 1

                We are hard working about major issues of DCS 2.1.0.
                Today we decide released some of first fixes.

                DCS World
                • CTD caused by dynamically spawning or respawning an aircraft fixed.
                • Nevada. Dark line near Laughlin removed.
                • Nevada. Graphical artifacts and z-fighting on Hoover Dam models fixed.
                • Normandy. "Bridge is under water" - fixed (maybe some issues still remain).
                • Normandy. Invisible obstacle for ground units in Cherbourg removed.
                • ME. Corrected Copy/pasting the leader of WW2 big formation sets.
                • Briefing. Briefing picture will scaled by mouse wheel into its window.
                • Atmosphere. Very low air temperature at high altitudes corrected.
                • Sun Glare effect will be presented in the cockpit mirrors.
                • Normandy. Kneeboard maps will be working in Normandy.

                DCS C-101 by AvioDev
                • Fixed mirror reflection.
                • Corrected instrument reflection and canopy reflection (still WIP).

                DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
                • PBR textures for cockpit gauges' glass implemented.
                • PBR textures for tires implemented.
                • PBR textures for external glass implemented.
                • Fixed default Serbian livery bort numbers. (Only tail numbers should show now, must use 5 digits.)
                • Fixed trim adjusting while using a joystick.

                DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM
                • Fixed Cockpit glass texture.
                • Fixed dynamic numbering textures.

                DCS F-86F by Belsimtek
                • Addition of german DCS: F-86F Sabre flight manual
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                  DCS 2.1.1 postponed

                  We are hard working for DCS 2.1.1 update that should be contained many major bug fixes from initial 2.1.0 release, but we faced with some hard code issues that require more time then we expected earlier.

                  We are forced to postpone today's planned update due to its immaturity. We believe that it will be released at next week when the most of priority bugs will be fixed.
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                  Вакансии в ED


                    DCS 2.1.1

                    DCS World
                    • Trigger Scenery Destruction Zone will work on Nevada.
                    • Textures integrity control for terrains has been added.
                    • GUI. Main window. Module manager icon with indicator of not-installed modules added.
                    • Game options. Graphics presets slightly modified.
                    • Game options. Added gamma slider available in the graphic options and ingame options.
                    • Module Manager. Installed tab. Added hyperlinks to developers homepages.
                    • Normandy. Added instant action missions for Ka-50, F-15C, Bf 109, Su-27, Fw 190, L-39.
                    • PAI. WW2 big formation. Death of leader will not cause groups to turn around and head to their first waypoint. Added Mission Task to transfer the formation control from dead wing leader to followers.
                    • Added livery selection into Rearm/Refuel panel.
                    • Shadows on aircraft body with very noticeable aliasing corrected.
                    • Input. A 'negative' axis response will restored.
                    • UAZ driver model will not disappear on mid-range LOD.
                    • Mirrors will not display distant objects through near ones.
                    • GUI. Graphic options. Some options depend of Deferred Shading state.
                    • AI helicopters. Helicopters will be spawn in the correct formation as it assigned into Advanced actions - Set options - Formations.
                    • AI helicopters. Helicopter wingmen behaviour in formations corrected.
                    • WWII Assets Pack extended. Added new units.
                    • Su-25T. Chinese pilot manual updated.

                    DCS P-51D
                    • Russian pilot manual updated.

                    DCS FC3
                    • Su-25: Fixed NPP Pointer that was inverted.
                    • Su-25. Chinese pilot manual updated.

                    DCS UH-1H by Belsimtek
                    • Corrected of strange behavior of long cargo rope after hooking.

                    DCS Mi-8MTV2 by Belsimtek
                    • Bugfix: The center of gravity is not restored after the procedure "repair" (now it fixed)

                    Canopy glass in the development yet.
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                      DCS 2.1.1 Update 1

                      DCS Update 1

                      • The Spitfire LF Mk. IX: Operation Epsom Campaign is introduced.
                      • Spitfire IX and P-51D. Added new British historical skins by Bunyap for Operation Epsom Campaign.

                      DCS World
                      • German soldier with Mauser 98 is available for all localizations.
                      • Briefing. Added pressure in hPa and measurement units for QFE pressure indicator.
                      • Su-25. Fixed cockpit glass.
                      • Decreased CPU load of SAM groups.
                      • Su-25T and Ka-50. Phantom images will not appear on TV screen.
                      • Ka-50. Added trimmer mode for joysticks without spring and FFB into Ka-50 special options.
                      • Fixed in-game manual window is less than game window in minimum resolution.
                      • Fixed P-51D gun sight glass, cockpit lights, and canopy reflections.

                      DCS AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
                      • Re-added PBR corrected cockpit model (Cockpit lights will now be properly visible)
                      • Reduced HUD glow pending full HUD texture overhaul for PBR BRDF
                      • Implemented various Radio functionality
                      • Fixes to the Automatic Fuel Regulator
                      • Fixes to afterburner at altitude
                      • RB-04 no longer launching (exploding) when re-armed
                      • Added R for RUTA waypoints
                      • Correction to TILS-stations numbering past 20
                      • Multiple potential CTDs fixed
                      • Corrected TILS layer switch not switching back
                      • Updated and fixed CN locale
                      • Fixed distance time line getting stuck relative to horizon when in sidewinder fast select mode
                      • Fixed backup sights
                      • Fixed several kneeboard issues
                      • Fixed starter sound
                      • Re-added playsound for Walkman
                      • Wave 1 of input overhaul
                      • Radio is now pre-configured to nearest airfield
                      • Fixed issue with FR22 radio becoming unusable after moving radio function selector
                      • Fixed broken easter egg
                      • Tuned pylon x,y,z coordinates
                      • Added custom data cartridge functionality
                      • Added interface for custom data cartridge selection

                      DCS Mi-8MTV2 by Belsimtek
                      • BugFix: Rockets can't be released when rocket launchers are loaded on 2nd and 5th hardpoints

                      Known issues
                      • The Su-25T cockpit has some issues with external 3D model that visible from in-cockpit camera.
                      • TF-51 cockpit is broken.
                      • Client crashes when connected to server with Nevada terrain after flying in Normandy
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                        DCS 2.1.1 Update 2

                        DCS Update 2

                        Added new login panel.

                        DCS World
                        • MiG-29 and F-86F cockpit illumination are corrected.
                        • F10 Map User labels number is working now.
                        • Two more textures added to IC.
                        • F10 Normandy map view can be scrolled further to south.
                        • Tree shadows slightly adjusted.
                        • TF-51D cockpit glass textures corrected.
                        • DCS GUI will not freezes after using [LCtrl+L] combo.
                        • Double icon of statics in the ME issue fixed.
                        • Crash in VR when tool tips enabled fixed.
                        • MP. Server panel, mission list. Added terrain of mission column.
                        • Windshield and sight glass corrected.
                        • 3Dmodels. Far LOD will not longer being visible through clouds.

                        DCS C-101 by AvioDev
                        New changes not included in latest 1.5.7 update:
                        • All (EB and CC) radios now correctly handle ON/OFF status. Radio transmission is impossible if the radio is OFF, or priority was switched to another cockpit.
                        • Added Normandy Quick Start and Single missions in ES, EN and CN.
                        • Added new IFR and FD training missions with EN, ES and CN localizations (available only for Caucasus terrain, you may copy C-101/Missions folder into your 1.5.7 install if you want to try them out).
                        Changes already present in latest 1.5.6 and 1.5.7 updates, which are new for 2.1.1:
                        See DCS Update 4 and DCS 1.5.7.

                        DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM
                        • Cockpit model updated
                        • New interior lights scheme
                        • HUD glass bug fix.
                        • RWR glass bug fix
                        • New external model
                        • Improved Fuel tanks textures
                        • Brazilian livery bug fixed
                        • UAC livery bug fixed
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                        Вакансии в ED


                          DCS 2.1.1 Update 3

                          Today we release short update of DCS 2.1.1 for synchronization with arrived DCS 2.1.1 in Steam.

                          DCS World
                          • Updated airfield freqs in quickstart missions.
                          • Mig-29S. The incorrect color of cockpit lighting fixed.
                          • Mi-8MTV2. Added joystick input for "Checklist: Wind condition" command.
                          • UH-1H. AI crew will engage enemy.
                          • JTAC. Will reply after ready to copy remarks.
                          • Input. Fixed issues that caused to unable to assign a key command.
                          • PAI: Navigation lights on С-130, An-26B, An-30M, IL-76MD, Yak-40 aircraft will work.
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                          Вакансии в ED


                            DCS 2.1.1 Update 4

                            DCS Update 4

                            Added support of DCS: NS430 module.

                            DCS World
                            • Fixed multiplayer client recording and playback.
                            • Added autologin checkbox to the new login dialog and misc options page.
                            • Ingame manual window issues fixed
                            • ME trigger list: airfield names are localized.
                            • New portion of textures has been added for IC.
                            • Server hoster won't be kicked from cockpit to external view when a client exits using Alt+F4 combo.
                            • AI plane will hold desired speed set in ME.

                            DCS SA-342 Gazelle by Polychop
                            • Textures updated (still WIP)

                            DCS Ka-50
                            • Added trimmer mode for joysticks without spring and FFB into Ka-50 special options. Same as Mi-8MTV2 option.

                            Known Issue
                            SA342. Crash when press LAlt+C combo in cockpit view. Well fix ASAP.
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                            Вакансии в ED


                              DCS Open Alpha hotfix

                              Gazelle crash on pressing {LAlt+C} combo fixed
                              El pueblo unido jamás será vencido

                              DCS World 2.5: Часто задаваемые вопросы


                                DCS 2.1.1. Update 5

                                DCS Update 5

                                Support of Su-33 for DCS World

                                DCS World
                                • Ground unit sensors. The search of targets is optimized, will be more FPS friendly.
                                • "Enable Virtual reality Headset" option will force restart DCS.
                                • Crash after deactivation of an aircraft carrier with a helicopter fixed.
                                • Stutter caused of some air defence radars fixed.

                                DCS NS430
                                • Approach, Arrival and Departure procedures are correctly adding to active flight plan now, after designating arrival airfield with Direct-To function.
                                • Approach and Arrival procedures addition to the active flight plan using menu options WPT ARR and WPT ARRIVAL has been restored.
                                • Active cursor on NAV MAP page doesn't interfere with MENU button usage any more.
                                • Added option for mission editor which allows restricting usage of NS 430 for particular board in its options.
                                • Flight plan automatically transfers from mission editor to NS 430 now.
                                • Backlit added.
                                • NAVterr map will be oriented according to Track Up mode now.
                                • Active leg remaining distance indication was fixed.
                                • DIRECT TO function from NRST page group was fixed.
                                • Map drag by active cursor in Track Up mode was fixed.

                                DCS FC3
                                • Radio altimeter gives wrong readings when plane fly with a roll fixed.

                                DCS L-39
                                • Game mode tendency to pitch up fixed.

                                DCS Ka-50
                                • One tube in B-20 rocket launcher visually empty when attached to external pylon fixed.

                                DCS Mi-8MTV2
                                • Video recorder no longer applied to “Kord” machinegun.

                                • Operation Epsom. Russian locale added.
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                                Вакансии в ED


                                  DCS 2.1.1. Update 6

                                  DCS Update 6

                                  DCS World
                                  • NTTR map improvements.
                                  • F-16 and MiG-29 added to Poland.
                                  • AI propeller aircraft: landing physics improved.
                                  • ME: Formation list localized.
                                  • Train will work with late activation.
                                  • The crash in the mission dialog when corrupted mission file is in folder fixed.
                                  • Server crash when client disconnected by timeout fixed.
                                  • AI aircraft with AFAC task will mark target by laser again.

                                  DCS SA342 Gazelle by Polychop Simulations
                                  • Added Hydraulic Damages
                                  • Added Camera Damages
                                  • Added Cockpit Instruments/Devices Damages
                                  • Corrected Rotor Rpm Governor
                                  • Corrected Autopilot Altitude and Speed modes
                                  • Corrected Ground behavior
                                  • Corrected Autopilot needles
                                  • Corrected Autopilot Speed mode
                                  • Corrected behavior at ground
                                  • Corrected damages (still WIP)
                                  • Corrected Fenestron damaged 3D shapes
                                  • Corrected Flap sound
                                  • Corrected Zbias issue at Alarm panel
                                  • Reworked damages (still WIP)
                                  • Reworked sounds (still WIP)
                                  • Corrected vortex effect
                                  • Corrected lods 3D shapes

                                  DCS FC3
                                  • Su-33: Corrected Normandy Su-33 Strike mission (increased carrier speed, decreased TO weight).
                                  • Su-33: Trimmer will work when in refueling mode.
                                  • Su-33: Refueling probe will light up by refueling lights.
                                  • Su-33: Part of the cockpit canopy texture restored.
                                  • Su-33: Flaperons will not intersect with missile launchers and vertical stabs when wings are folded.
                                  • Su-27: Missiles under air intakes aligned on the launchers.
                                  • Su-27: Vertical Velocity indicator will not have white looking edge when cockpit lights are on.

                                  DCS MiG-15bis
                                  • Corrected the textures of mechanization indicator lamps.

                                  DCS Fw 190 D-9
                                  • Incorrect textures of indicator lamp fixed.
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                                  Вакансии в ED


                                    DCS 2.1.1 Update 7

                                    DCS Update 7
                                    • D-BOX compatibility failure fixed
                                    El pueblo unido jamás será vencido

                                    DCS World 2.5: Часто задаваемые вопросы


                                      DCS 2.2.0


                                      Support of AV-8B by RAZBAM

                                      DCS World
                                      • Encyclopedia. Many new units/objects added.
                                      • ME. Unit column added to GROUP PANEL.
                                      • ME. Unit’s module name added to GROUP PANEL.
                                      • SA-6 Kub. Continuously loss target tracking - fixed.
                                      • SA-11 Buk: Launcher has too big detection angle - fixed.
                                      • SAM Hawk work restored.
                                      • Flat shadows restored.
                                      • Trees shadows will not disappears at some view and distance.
                                      • Crash caused by attack of AI fighter to cruise missile - fixed.
                                      • Illumination bomb now have a damage model.
                                      • AI ships. Dramatical FPS drop when harpoon launched - fixed.
                                      • SSE. Controller.getDetectedTargets() will work with EWR radars.
                                      • Added localization keys for WWII aircraft armaments.
                                      • KC-135 can refuel from another tanker.
                                      • AI Aircraft refuel sequence corrected.
                                      • The Multi-functional Display will not flickering when using SLI/XFire and Deferred Shading.
                                      • Warehouse status restored for warehouse static objects.
                                      • Moon will light the fog.
                                      • AI aircraft. The impact point calculation of CBU-97 corrected.
                                      • Axis indication added to Input GUI.
                                      • Add China Asset Pack
                                      • Update voice over for CN
                                      • Aircraft will not damaged when it spawned on the flight deck of carrier.
                                      • Added procedure that collect all necessary files to ZIP for diagnostic. After game crash, will be started procedure that automatically collects debugging information: crash report, crash dump, track, log. If the user agrees to provide information about the system, then msinfo.nfo and dxdiag.txt files are additionally attached.
                                      • Added a gameplay statistics. If the user agrees for statistic collecting, the game settings and the type of the player controlled object will be sended to server. This information will be analyzed for further gameplay improvements.
                                      • Helicopter AIs will landing to ships with helicopter pad.
                                      • MP. Shelling and destruction zone trigger will be visible to clients.
                                      • The crash with flight.dll that appears after some player helicopter actions on the FARP is fixed.
                                      • ME. The next route leg will not be go off the road when moved the previous route waypoint.
                                      • VR. Crash with F10 map view - fixed.
                                      • MP. Rearm and Refuelling menu will be reset when user makes disconnect/connect.
                                      • ME. Corrected an ME layout in the minimum allowed screen resolution.
                                      • GUI. Mission selection menu will allow sort by columns.

                                      DCS Flaming Cliffs
                                      • Su-27/33: Added engine thrust dependence on the outside air temperature.
                                      • A-10A: Added axis control of wheel brakes.
                                      • Su-27: Stick limiter override command added to joystick profile.
                                      • MiG-29: Airbrake will be closed when gear is lowered.
                                      • Su-33. Altimeter will not stop at high altitude.

                                      DCS UH-1H by BST
                                      • Engine EGT limits were implemented
                                      • Fine tuning of the engine and hover modelling was done, discrepancy with real chart now not exceeding 2.7%.
                                      • Cargo indicator logic was remade for cargo unhook aid mode.
                                      • Bug when you drop/unhook sling load cargo but cargo weight is still affecting airframe was fixed
                                      • Sling load cargo drop cockpit controls were implemented
                                      • Bugfix: Endless and cloned escaping animation when one pilot was died

                                      DCS Mi-8MTV2 by BST
                                      • Tail boom separation during sling load operation with acceptable vertical speed was fixed
                                      • Crew chief hints for cargo unhook zone navigation was tuned (EN version still needs addition of several commands WIP)
                                      • Cargo indicator logic was remade for cargo unhook aid mode
                                      • Visualization of sling load cable was fixed
                                      • Refinement of tuning for AP-34B autopilot was done in pitch-roll channel
                                      • Engine Fire failure (left and right engines in ME were mixed) fixed

                                      DCS C-101 by AvioDev
                                      • Corrected ADI ball animation in both pitch and roll. (Removed movement in "yaw". Improved pitch accuracy).
                                      • New Flight Director bars with curvature, according to real ADI presentation.
                                      • New sounds implemented for control stick and rudder pedals. (WIP).
                                      • Removed unwanted sound when canopy is open.
                                      • TACAN memory/acquisition logic adjusted - acquisition timer added (0.5 seconds).
                                      • Updated TACAN 115V power consumption - no consumption when in receive only mode.

                                      DCS Spitfire IX
                                      • Added default snap views.

                                      DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO
                                      • FM updates and tweaks
                                      • AHRS toppling fixed
                                      • Weapon functionality improvements
                                      • Weapons payload balanced
                                      • Weapons pickle release timer corrected
                                      • Known Issue: Intermittent taxiing bug when wind set in mission

                                      DCS AV-8B by RAZBAM
                                      • Added mipmaps of an aircraft skins.
                                      • Small bug fixes.
                                      • Fixed: Jettison does not work with empty rocket pods.
                                      • Fixed: Cannot select AGM-122 Sidearms via ACP.
                                      • Fixed: MK-20 in ITERS released unarmed.
                                      • Fixed: Parking brake not active on flight start
                                      • Fixed: Mirrors
                                      • Automatic Flaps Schedule upgraded

                                      DCS NS-430 by BST
                                      Some bugs fixed:
                                      • TOTAL TRIP TIME timer in the Utility menu counts too fast
                                      • Measure cursor doesn't allow measurement of arbitrary points on the map
                                      • NRST entry in Direct-To page incorrect
                                      • Wrong distance units displayed
                                      • Fixed typing with a large right knob
                                      • Unable to select NRST from Direct-To
                                      • Rounding error in remaining leg distance
                                      • Default runway minimum length on the NRSTapt page should be shorter than 2000m
                                      • NRSTapt page approach type should show best available approach (not always ILS)
                                      • VLOC default frequency is outside the allowed range of radio navigation beacons
                                      • Cannot make USR waypoints.
                                      • DIS field on NAVdefault page shows wrong number of digits
                                      • GPS should remember which subpage you were on
                                      • Unable to set more than 9.9 gallons per hour in the Fuel Planning menu
                                      • Changing GS field on NAVdef page causes other fields to disappear
                                      • If you turn power off and back on, it resumes inputting fields on the self test screen
                                      • Measure cursor position gets corrupted when you zoom in or out
                                      • Unable to load approaches with flight plans or direct-to enabled
                                      • FPL button unusable after adding a waypoint to a flight plan
                                      • Track doesn't seem to account for magnetic declination properly, since JSAVIONICS changes
                                      • DIS field on flight plan page should only have 1 decimal place
                                      • Flight Plan errors
                                      • Unable to select airport properly when loading approaches without a flight plan or destination
                                      • Heading instead of track

                                      After 1.5.8-beta public:
                                      • ME to FPL random bugs
                                      • Loading an approach errors
                                      • The default approach shown should be the most precise. ILS > RNAV > VOR > NDB > Circling. Circling approaches do not have the runway number in the title.
                                      • Unable to set coordinate of WP by means of RAD/DIS and RAD/RAD
                                      • GPS incorrectly allows editing of mission editor airport waypoints
                                      • GPS should only use approach or departure mode if you activate an approach or departure
                                      • Unable to set coordinate of WP by means of RAD/DIS and RAD/RAD
                                      • Wrong waypoints offered for approach transitions
                                      • The NS430 pre-fills to the last or current waypoint. NS430 prompts for duplicates that are not identical if they share a root
                                      • Suggested course popup is showing true instead of magnetic
                                      • Direct-to legs should not draw an airport icon at the origin on the map
                                      • Wrong waypoints offered for approach transitions
                                      • Invalid fuel planning solutions should be hidden from user
                                      • After using direct-to navigation, unable to activate a leg from the existing flight plan
                                      • CN NS430 manual updated

                                      DCS Combined Arms
                                      • F10 map. Fog of War: target mark will not follows target outside of sensors line of sight.

                                      Known Issues
                                      Multiple Tarawa class ships in the same group cause a crash.
                                      А-10С "Vegas Tour” mission without player’s aircraft.
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                                      Вакансии в ED


                                        DCS Update 1

                                        DCS Update 1

                                        Support of AJS-37 Viggen: 16-2 Red Flag Campaign

                                        DCS World
                                        • Multiple Tarawa class ships in the same group will cause a crash - fixed.
                                        • Crash on exit to Windows when VR connected and Deferred is ON - fixed.
                                        • MP. Fixed showing the description and player names for servers with many players.
                                        • ME. Values stored in the "additional properties for aircraft" and "radio preset" tabs for new units will be inherited from the previous unit.
                                        • NS430. Direct-to should default to current destination waypoint, unless highlighting a different waypoint identifier.
                                        • NS430. Invalid fuel planning solutions should be hidden from user.
                                        • NS430. Added support TACAN beacons.
                                        • Mi-8MTV2. Simultaneous GUV (guns) and B8V20 (rockets) fire fixed.
                                        • UH-1H. Flares using will not be available without hardpoints installed.
                                        • Online login. The auth expiry period will be indicated after refuse of authorisation.

                                        DCS C-101 by AvioDev
                                        • Added warm up time (10 seconds) for TACAN.
                                        • Increased TACAN acquisition time up to 2 seconds.
                                        • Fixed ADI/HSI/RMI still being operational without electric power.
                                        • Adjusted animation speed of ADI runway symbol.
                                        • Adjusted HSI minimum brightness.
                                        • Fixed animation of “eyelid” that surrounds the ADI attitude sphere.
                                        • Fixed IFR hood model (front part was missing).
                                        • Fixed cockpit label AIR CONDITIONING.
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                                        DCS World 2.5: Часто задаваемые вопросы