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The Future of 'Digital Combat Sim' (DCS) with Eagle Dynamics' Simon Pearson

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    The Future of 'Digital Combat Sim' (DCS) with Eagle Dynamics' Simon Pearson

    The Future of 'Digital Combat Sim' (DCS) with Eagle Dynamics' Simon Pearson

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    Was going to post this myself if no one had done so. I posted it in a thread here last night.

    Great interview with a lot of info. Watch the whole thing if you have the time. (recommended)

    Some snippets

    Military using DCS for VR training

    Pilots learn more about real BVR by facing missiles in sim.

    Some DCS commercial contracts

    DCS is hard and some effort is needed to learn systems (complexity and frustrations)

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    Chuck's DCS Tutorial Library

    Download PDF Tutorial guides
    to help get up to speed with aircraft quickly and also great for taking a good look at the aircraft available for DCS before purchasing. Link


      Excellent video, thanks for the link.


        Great links David OC thanks!!
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          Thanks for the link. Interesting video. Nice to see some benefits from the DOD product filtering down to us on the "gaming" end of DCS.
          Lobo's DCS A-10C Normal Checklist & Quick Reference Handbook current version 8D available here:


            Needs more views, DCS players need to see this, it is part of their connection with their hobby where military pilots talk about the connection between the sim and the job/industry. DCS is at a leading edge of that connection, being the closest publically accessible simulator to this world (by virtue of its ever increasing usage within the military, including at least now two of its 3rd party addons: Tacview, LotATC)
            I especially enjoy Simon and Tim's style of delivery, I found them easy to listen to, entertaining in delivery and both of them are sexy in their respective hairy or smooth ways!!
            You can also learn some British brevity. "Wagwan fam, innit" is special code for asking AWACS for a PICTURE...