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A-10C II Tank Killer CAS Screenshot Contest by vJaBoG 66

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  • A-10C II Tank Killer CAS Screenshot Contest by vJaBoG 66

    Dear friends and fellow flight simmers,

    with the upcoming Early Access release of the upgraded A-10C II Tank Killer module, vJaBoG 66 has decided to gift 10 A-10C II upgrade licenses to the DCS community.

    All you have to do in order to apply for one of these licenses is to post a response to this thread on the Eagle Dynamics forum that shows a screenshot of a DCS A-10 that relates to Close Air Support. See below for some more rules.

    Good luck and happy flying!

    Borin, Raku and Yurgon on behalf of vJaBoG 66.

    Screenshot contest rules:
    • One screenshot per applicant
    • The screenshot must not have been published before
    • The screenshot must relate to Close Air Support and the A-10
    • The screenshot can show any DCS A-10 (A-10A, A-10C), interior or exterior
    • You are not required to own a copy of the DCS A-10C module, however the upgrade license is most likely going to be useless to you if don’t already own the A-10C module prior to participating.
      It is highly recommended that you only participate if you already have a valid license for the DCS A-10C Warthog module.
    • The contest will run for 12 days, and the last date that applications are accepted will be Saturday, 2020-10-10, 23:59 UTC
    • Members of vJaBoG 66 (present or past) are not allowed to participate
    • Winners will be voted by vJaBoG 66; this will be a closed vote and is going to be highly subjective. If you don’t agree with this, please simply don’t participate
    • Winners will be notified by private message on the Eagle Dynamics forum. In order to receive the license, they must tell us their DCS E-Shop or Steam username.
    • Winners agree that their screenshot and their forum name will be displayed in this thread in the Eagle Dynamics forum
    • Winners who did not reply within 7 days of initial notification, or who fail to supply their DCS E-Shop or Steam username in a timely manner, will be discarded and the next applicant will receive the license instead.

    • 2020-09-30: Our members have been very generous. We've upped the number of licenses we're giving away from 7 to 10!
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    Well I guess I'll give this a go--my first attempt at posting a screenshot so go easy on me.


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      I want to participate!

      Terrain texture courtesy of Barthek. Tree and Smoke mod by me.
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        CAS summoned by UH1-H, the enemy group was protecting the landing site of our troops. The K-50 escorting our helicopter gunners got hit and I was called. To clear the landing area.

        Specialization A-10C


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            Find it below, many thanks!
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              Panthers on the prowl.


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                Come Hell or High Water


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                    Brrrrrrt! This is what the 'Tank Killer' was made for.
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                      in VR it looked a bit better - but here is one of mine

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                        Some great looking shots. I'm glad I'm not the judge.


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                            sometimes a Hog lies down

                            i think i need a new one.
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                              Hey Guys, i just post here. thanks!