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Virtual Air Racing Series 2018 Season

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    Just joined up ( ooh back in 2018 even...) . Several things pop out at me.

    1) Installing the plane. ( edge 540 )
    2) Installing the pylon stuff needed in the SP mission.
    3) Discord.
    4) Email updates.

    I am new to DCs. and like other new people I am not sure how to install a mod.

    As this "mission" relies on the installation of the plane and the Pylons....
    it might be GREAT if there was a step by step instruction for this.
    and posted in a place people can find...

    FYI: I had to work this out for myself and it was a pita. Especially when the instructions
    that I did find were not actually correct. ( DCS.openbeta folder ???? )

    See folder tree pic.
    Which is in C:\Users\* PC name * \Saved Games\DCS\Mods
    This actually works! No DCS.openbeta folder needed....

    The mission says I need the Pylons mod, ....even though I have it installed... so that was a problem
    until I realised that the message was not indicating that I did not have the Mod installed. SMH.
    Everythign is fine, it's just stating a fact. It's not a warning that you have not got the mod installed.......

    See in second pic.

    Discord. Not everyone wants to go there !!!!
    So making this the only place to get info is ... a thing.
    I prefer forums AND email. If there is news I want an email. I also want to log in and brows stuff in
    a forum, not in a bunch of chat rooms. ugh.
    Can we have a dedicated THREAD here ???? Please ? I am no Discord fan. Sorry!

    Take my stunt email addy !!!
    When you have NEWS, send it. I am fine reading email. Love it.
    Logging into discord, which try not use at all ever, to find out there is no news... well heck.

    Email is great. Email works. Send me news by email!

    From what I can milk out of the info that is trapped in discord etc

    2020 racing has been scrubbed. Am I right ? and from lack of interest?
    Well this year is a thing.... life goes on.


    I am going to practise the tracks in SP. If anything happens ... well I am not
    going to checking into Discord every five minutes to find out.

    and this: "Discord was popping off while you were away..." does not cut it. At all. S

    Oh and anyone can set up a MP server with the mission on it. Or so I believe... maybe ?




      Welcome to the series sir
      Win-10 x64

      Nvidia RTX2080 (HP Reverb)
      Asus Prime X570P
      AMD 3800x
      32GB G-Skill RipJaw 3600

      Saitek X-65F and Fanatec Club-Sport Pedals
      Using VJoy and UCR to remap Throttle and Clutch into Rudder axis