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¿Qué comprarías con 400 $?

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    Warthog, its for life... And it changes how you fly. AAR, case i, formation everythiong becomes sooooo much eassier.. the precision of HALL and the weight of the stick really makes a difference.

    Es el día y la noche, con el Warthog pasas de conducir un Seat a un Mercedes.


      IMHO it's a personal thing.

      First I wouldn't bother with RAM, as I don't think DSC would benefit from additional 16gb.

      As for GPU vs warthog...

      What is your current HOTAS?

      What bothers you the most when playing DCS?

      If you're struggling with controls, or want more immersion, go for warthog.

      If you're struggling with fps or the game doesn't look as good as you'd like, go for GPU.

      PS. If you decide to get the GPU, don't buy the 2060. Wait for 30 series. Also, the idea that non RT cards will soon become obsolete is bs. Even if raytracing will be introduced to DCS I'm 100% sure it will be an optional thing.


        Thank you very much everyone for the responses. Series 30 RTX is not compatible with my motherboard.


          more RAM for sure. Go for 32 gb.

          2060? wait until the new ones are released and see if you can pick the 2060 in the market for a reasonable price.

          Warthog? Nah Better a VKB Gladiator Next.
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