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    Jordan, I've given you two recommendations, 1 about overclocking and another in a post in the performance threads under DCS world about what parts you should get to make the most of your GTX670.

    Are you reading these answers? Haven't you found any components that you want to ask about?

    Going with what Ether has said, but maybe drop the 3570K to one less dedicated to overclocking considering you will most likely not be doing so.
    Get this RAM:

    and find a decent socket 1155 motherboard that has what you need. Again, if you don't want to to overclock and don't need SLi then you can find a board less expensive.Why not come back with some you've found and the rest of us here can have a look and give you some feedback.
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      I'll chime in since I have had a similar situation to you. I formerly ran the Intel q9400, at stock 2.66 with a GTX 550 ti gpu, 8gb ram. My avg FPS were in the teens in all flying conditions, especially when free-track was on. Add ground war, extra planes etc and the FPS went down to like you said, 2-6 fps.

      I OC'd my Q9400 to 3.2 and the fps went up to low/mid 20's and under heavy taxing 8-12fps was common. (playable)

      About 3 weeks ago I swapped my MOBO, processor and ram out for an Intel i5 2500k, a gigabyte z68, and 8gb ram.
      I spent 159 on the processor (sale), 100 on the MOBO (discount rack) and 35 on the ram. With the same settings on the game, I easily got 60-80 FPS. I have since turned up most all the settings to high or medium and still average 40fps with lows in the 25-30 range.

      I'd suggest the overclock until you have a few hundred dollars, get the i5 2500k, use the 150 you save from the i7's on your mobo and you're set.