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What should i upgrade? -> Video Riva Statistics

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    What should i upgrade? -> Video Riva Statistics

    Is my system Bottlenecking? -> Video Riva Statistics

    I want to uprade mit rig next month but don't know wer i should put my money...
    i-7 9700k @ 4.7 GHZ, 32 GB RAM @ 3200, SSD , Gainward Rtx 2070 ( no super)

    Textures high.
    Ground textures Low.
    Shadows mid
    terrain shadows mid

    Unless you're into VR, or running 4K monitor, or triple screens, you do not need to upgrade.
    That's a perfectly good and current system (IMO).

    If that much, the only thing I would consider upgrading later is the graphics-card.
    For that, better wait for the new AMD Navi RX6000 series, or for (re)stock in stores of Nvidia RTX3080 and RTX3070.

    Win10 Pro x64 | Intel i7 10700KF | 32GB DDR4 (3200MHz CL16) | RX 5700 XT 8GB | 256GB(OS) + 500GB SSDs | 1TB + 3TB HDDs | 650W PSU (Seasonic 80+Gold) | 32'' 1080P 75Hz (IPS) | M-Audio USB + HD-668B | X52 Pro + TrackHat (w/OpenTrack)


      Yeah i allready thought about the RTX3070. If it will be in Stock for more then 2 minutes