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Tripple Screen - two screens fixed viewpoint / center screen moves

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    Tripple Screen - two screens fixed viewpoint / center screen moves

    Hi there,

    I have been browsing the forum and googling quite a lot but have not found a solution yet.

    I have a tripple screen setup (2x 27" for left and right, 1x 49" for center)
    I know how to setup tripple screens in general.
    However, I have not found a solution yet how to fix the view of the left and right screen - I only want the center screen to move).

    I have the left and right screen exactly 90 degrees left/right of me and I want to configure them with side views, so that it is like looking left and right out of the window. These two screens should be fixed, so that the viewpoint does not change ones I start looking around on the center screen.

    With the center screen, I would do all the rest = Looking straight ahead and all the cockpit instruments. This screen should move.

    Anybody has an idea or a similar setup?

    Thanks a lot!

    I would post down in the input out section dacia123

    Here's one example

    Not sure if you can FIX the outside monitors tho?

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