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i5-8600k and cpu bottlnecked at 20 FPS? (Rift S)

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    i5-8600k and cpu bottlnecked at 20 FPS? (Rift S)

    I just want to make sure I'm not missing something here. I'm flying P-51D mission "Alamo". I have a 1060 6GB and 16 GB RAM at 3000 MHz. Using Oculus Rift S. On the runway I'm getting about 30 FPS (as reported by the ctrl-alt-pause overlay). When I get to the combat area this drops to around 20 FPS. Running essentially minimum graphics settings except PD is at 1.5.

    My temperatures are all fine. GPU is at about 80-90% utilization on the runway but then around 50-60% in the combat area. RAM and VRAM usage both look fine to me (I'd say <75% usage, GPU shared RAM is empty and I've tried disabling paging file). All six cores are underutilized (like 30-40%) because the main thread gets moved between cores. But when I set DCS core affinity in the task manager to just two cores, both were at more like 75%. This game is mostly single-threaded (or so I read on this forum) so it seems to me like I'm bottlenecked on that thread.

    I recently realized my mobo enabled Turbo Boost by default (or at least, I don't remember turning it on) so under load it's actually running a little over 4 GHz according to Task Manager.

    So, am I CPU bottlenecked? Or is there something else wrong with my system? This seems strange because according to the PassMark single threaded benchmarks the near-top-of-the-line 10700k is actually only about 15% faster than my CPU, which should get me from 20 FPS to ... 22 FPS. That's still unplayable in VR. IIUC with Rift S I should be looking to reach 40 FPS. Is that correct? I'm considering building a new system but I want to make sure I first understand the shortcomings of my current system and know what to expect from the new one.

    Yeah, that PD is pretty high.

    Get FPS VR and report your cpu and gpu frame times. But I'm gonna guess your 10160 is way insufficient for VR at PD 1.5.
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      Welcome to the forum !

      Hardware permitting , you should be able to overclock that cpu for ~20% more performance .

      The 1060 , however , is inadequate for VR altogether in DCS . It's fine for low-res or limited-view vr games , but DCS is another kettle of fish .

      Overclock the cpu if your motherboard permits , get a better cooler if necessary , and upgrade your gpu and your system will be adequate for years . Another 16gb ram wouldn't hurt either .
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        So what you're both saying is my CPU is fine and my GPU is the bottleneck right? But I'm confused by this because task manager shows GPU utilization at around 50-60%. Doesn't that indicate that the GPU is keeping up?

        I don't have the steam version and I'm not using SteamVR. Will FPS VR work? Knowing CPU and GPU frame time sounds really useful. Is it easy/possible to switch if I didn't buy the steam version?

        I'll try lowering PD to 1.0 to see if that helps.


          DCS recommended spec for heavy VR usage is 32GB RAM. People don't see 100% RAM usage and think they're fine but Windows will never allocate 100% RAM. It's just allocating what it can grab from what's available.

          RAM is cheap, I think you'd get biggest bang for the buck from RAM upgrade to 32GB.


            PD of 1.5?
            Never would I venture above PD 1.0.... NEVER.
            an excessive PD setting will crush your systems performance dead.
            Going from 1.0 to 0.9 PD gives me shadows all day long with sweet fps on my system.
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            HP pro Reverb.

            Current settings:
            Windows VR setting: IPD is 64.5mm, High image quality, 90Hz refresh rate.
            Steam: VR SS set to 100%, motionReprojectionMode set to "motionreproduction" and Locked in at 45 Hz display,
            DCS: Pixel Density 1.0, Forced IPD at 55 (perceived world size), 2 X MSAA, 0 X SSAA.
            My real IPD is 64.5mm. Prescription VROptition lenses installed.
            VR Driver system:
            I9-9900KS 5Ghz CPU. XI Hero motherboard and 2080ti graphics card, 32 gigs Ram 3200 Hz. No OC at the mo.


              Originally posted by Rogue Trooper View Post
              PD of 1.5?
              Never would I venture above PD 1.0.... NEVER.
              an excessive PD setting will crush your systems performance dead.
              Going from 1.0 to 0.9 PD gives me shadows all day long with sweet fps on my system.
              You have one of the highest resolution headsets on the market.. vive pro, index, oculus, and pretty much every other WMR headset out there would have to increase either PD or supersampling to even get close to rendering the amount of pixels per eye you are. Adjusting either PD or SS = adjusting the rendering resolution, and given headsets come at different resolutions the effect it has on your system is a YMMV kind of scenario.

              To the OP - With liquid cooling (A decent AIO unit will do) you can probably get that 8600k to 4.7-4.8Ghz without much of a struggle.. but read a good guide on how to do so with your motherboard, especially when it comes to vcore. You don't want to overdo the voltage. But imo, OC that CPU, get a beefier gpu, get another 16GB of the same speed/brand/model of ram.. you'll probably find settings that allow you to maintain a consistent 45 fps in VR.. also probably worth setting PD to 1.0 and bumping the supersampling in SteamVR instead.

              That 8600K should last you at least another few years if you can get a stable OC out of it.

              If you're computer illiterate and scared of attempting to OC, 9th and 10th gen intel cpu's boost to around 4.7-5.1 GHZ, but imo you want a beefier GPU for VR, and most folks I know flying DCS have stepped up to 32GB of ram.

              Just fyi, @ 5ghz and 150-160% SS with my Odyssey, which has a slightly higher resolution than your headset, I can find myself cpu limited with my 2080Ti. Bumping the resolution to a point where I'm gpu limited will find me below the 45fps minumum at times. My previous GPU was a 980Ti, which was on par with a 1070, and it simply wasn't enough for VR in DCS without some serious sacrifices to image quality.. but me personally I can't live without 2x msaa in this game, and I also like being able to read my guages, which with my headset requires some supersampling.

              If you're going to build a new rig for dcs.. go big imo. But if you can wrap your head around overclocking, a new gpu and more ram might be all you need.
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                Well I tried PD of 1.0 and I still had 30 FPS on the runway but now I had 30 FPS in the combat area too! More jaggies but it's playable for me. Thanks for the pointers!

                With this setting my GPU utilization is at about 50%. I'm confused by that but maybe it's because of RAM as a couple people have suggested. My RAM utilization is at about 75%.

                Thanks for those details Headwarp. I'm sure I could figure out OCing but I'm not sure I want to spend the time on it. I think I'm just going to build a new rig but at least in the meantime I have something playable. I'm thinking RTX 30XX something and 10700k unless the new stuff from AMD turns out to have better single threaded performance. I'll probably start another thread before to finalize my build.

                Currently I'm building a chair to be part of my eventual new VR cockpit!


                  Resurrecting this because I actually did try OCing. I'm really confused. Got it up to 5 GHz (from about 4.1) and my framerate was still stuck at 30 fps. Even in the menu system where my GPU sits at 20% utilization and my RAM utilization is only 5 GB out of 16 GB. Why won't my framerate go any higher? Temperatures were all fine I was monitoring them.


                    I am running 4k, not VR, but you could try disabling Turbo Boost and see if that helps. I had similar problems when that was enabled. Disable it in the TurboBoost Application, which you can normally find in the Task Tray when it is running, not in the Bios.

                    Also activate the “High performance” Power Plan. (Minimum processor state = 100%)
                    Check if enable/disable Win10 Game Mode or enable/disable Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling makes any difference.
                    Trying different graphics drivers might also help. Start with the latest and then work your way back to older ones until you find one that works best for you. I am at 451.67.
                    I also sometimes need to Alt-Tab a few times until it catches FreeSync (with Nvidia). Not sure if this is relevant in VR.


                      Make sure that your GPU is set to "Prefer Maximum Performance" under the Nvidia control panel. Also make sure you are running the latest drivers on a clean driver install (clean install will set all your Nvidia settings back to default). I'm running a 6700k and getting way better frame rates. Your low GPU utilization is an indicator of being CPU bottle necked, double check what your usage is in the menu to see what is causing you problems. Turning down your PD to 100% should help your GPU. Look into overclocking your GPU and VRAM as this could also help get you some "free" FPS.

                      I have to wonder if the oculus reprojection stuff is also hurting you somehow.
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                        Are you using VR too with that 6700k? What GPU?

                        Yeah I turned PD down to 1.0.

                        The oculus reprojection should cap me at 40 FPS IIUC. I'm almost wondering if the fact that my main display is a TV is somehow capping me to 30...





                          Turn off vsync. FPS steady and silky smooth 40. 80 in the menu system.