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So what's your critical opinion on the new map

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    Originally posted by lmp View Post
    The biggest issue for me is the lack of radio aids. I think there's only one TACAN station, no RSBN stations at all and only a handful of NDBs. No big deal for the cool kids in the Hornets and Vipers, but the rest of us have to rely mainly on our dead reckoning skills when navigating the new map.
    You know that with the recently added Mobile TACAN Station at least those you can add as many as you like?

    My only gripe with the Map so far is the low rendering distance when looking through the Targeting Pod. I do remember times when it was similar in the rest of the (DCS) World, so I have hopes that this will get fixed eventually.


      I know. I think I can also get around the lack of NDBs if I wanted by placing a unit on the map and having it transmit a prerecorded morse code on an appropriate frequency. But I can't get RSBN/PRMG on the map without editing files.


        Impressed with the detail, but not impressed with the performance at the moment. It uses CRAZY amounts of RAM compared to other maps.

        However, I am sure it will be optimized in the near future.
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          Impressed with the detail. Disappointed by the Textures used in many cases for terrain and buildings.
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            It is great, nice detail and really nicely done but performance is very bad, and I have really good comp setup.


              I haven't seen anyone mention it, maybe I just missed it, but... the map is unplayable for me from an immersion perspective. Even with extreme draw distances, at 10+ nm the buildings just disappear in the TGP. Vehicles look like they are completely out in the open and easily spotted. Then as you approach, the buildings start growing out of the ground (which is hilarious), next thing I know that same vehicle is knee deep in buildings and completely obscured. It's not just an immersion thing, it's completely cheating. Anyone with lower settings or just flying 15nm out, the battlefield looks like a bunch of units easily spotted in an open field.

              I tried driving a tank in CA, and OMG, the bushes and whatnot popping up a couple feet in front of the tank, it's ridiculous lol.

              Awesome map, best looking, most detailed and complete, but with the game engine limitations, it's not suitable for a battlefield given the limitations above.

              Edit: =52d= Skip just mentioned it above
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                Thinking on getting the Syria map. Is it frame friendly or has it potential to become frame friendly. I guess its not really finished and optimized fully yet. Should be some indicators that it can be framefriendly. Its for VR im asking.


                  Originally posted by Bob1 View Post
                  Thinking on getting the Syria map. Is it frame friendly or has it potential to become frame friendly ... Its for VR im asking.
                  It really depends on the mission and location.

                  The map is very detailed and "heavy" on resources i.e. RAM, even in flat screen I see a little micro-stutter flying low over towns, away from built up areas or at altitude it seems ok (RTX-2070S, Rift-S, simple/light SP testing).

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