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[REPORTED]AV8B Missing sounds

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  • [REPORTED]AV8B Missing sounds

    Hey guys, please accept my apologies if this has been covered, Also I initially posted this thread in DCS Bug reporting - sorry

    I'm having issues with the AV8B as most cockpit switch clicking sounds and also the canopy open and close sounds are now missing, at least these are the ones I've noticed are missing.

    Have any of you experienced the same issues? as I cannot seem to find any way to fix this.

    Things I've tried so far are repairing game install files and cleanup through the DCS updater tool, this didn't fix it so them so I deleted the AV8B module through mod manager and then reinstalled and again nothing changed.

    I'm running the standalone DCS world OpenBeta 2.5.6.

    Any help here would be awesome

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    Hi, I can confirm sounds are missing in OB. I can't hear most of the switches.
    I can ear those sounds in current stable.
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      Can you quickly check if you have the cockpit sounds volume turned down at all, try turning it to max and adjust? If the problem still persists post back here but I've been flying for a while this morning and did not notice. Ill check again tho. If that fails, try a repair and try again for me.

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        Correction: I can hear the canopy closing sound. But I cannot hear a lot of switches clicking (APU GEN sound works).

        Here's a video in 2 parts:
        • 0:00 - I demonstrate my volume is OK using Tomcat switches
        • 0:48 - I demonstrate I cannot hear any Harrier switches

        I've also attached my log file.

        And here are my audio parameters:

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          Originally posted by Flappie View Post
          Correction: I can hear the canopy closing sound.
          I wouldn't call it canopy closing sound. Both the canopy locking lever and canopy handle do some kind of click sounds, that's all I can hear.


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            +1 excellent post and report


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              will look into this


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                Ok. I will report this once some one has generated a full list of the switch missing sounds.

                Also please note id you have Hear like in helmet selected, of course the clicking sounds are going to barely audible.

                I have noted all the buttons I pressed made a sound, and some of the toggle switches, I don't have the time to personally check every switch (I am a volunteer) but if some one can generate the full list of what missing AFTER the next OB release. I will report this into the system.


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                  HI RAZBAM_ELMO, sorry for the late reply I was out yesterday and didn't have a chance to respond.

                  I have now readjusted cockpit and switches volumes to max and still didn't work, I also tried another repair and nothing has changed.

                  I now just finished a complete reinstallation of DCS Openbeta 2.5.6 and reinstalled modules one by one and still no switches sound or canopy closure sound, I've also noticed there is no sound for fuel probe in and out either.

                  I thought the issues was maybe to do with my saved games files so I removed anything to do with the AV8B and still I cannot hear the sounds.

                  Guys I'm relatively new to the DCS Community just wanted to say I'm overwhelmed with the traction this post has made and am very grateful for all your support


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                    tea_cypher I would be happy to help identify all the switches but i have not finished learning the aircraft and it may take some time for me to get all the information to you.

                    I can tell you that the upfront panel switches where the radio's are located are all making sounds and working from what I can tell.
                    Both the left and right hand lower panels are NOT making any sounds whilst using switches, again form what I can tell the only switch making sound on the lower panels is the generator toggle switch to the left of engine start on the lower right panel.

                    I am also missing the canopy open/closure sounds but i do have the click sound when using the canopy release latch, also the fuel probe does not make any sounds when moving in or out.

                    Also I maybe wrong as its hard to tell but the landing gear and flaps don't seem to making any sound while moving in or out either.

                    Also could someone let me know how to post my DCS log file as I'm unaware on how to do this, thanks again


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                      OK I think this is my log file if its any help.
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                        Hi Guys, i've tried to add my track file as well as an updated log file as the previous one had a few errors which i believe could have been because of my OVGME setup with saved games, i removed the OVGME mod files to stop confliction but still have the same issues with lack of sound.
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                          Dusty, thanks for offer, in all in honesty all you need to click on each button and see if it goes click, if you hover over a switch or button it ahould say the name, but like I said wait for the next beta


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                            Ok no problem, when you say wait for the next beta what are referring to? the next DCS Openbeta update? I'm assuming my track and log file were no help then if i'm having to wait for this.

                            Please let me know what you mean as i don't understand


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                              Yep Open Beta it is going to be a big one for Harrier. And I don't want to be anyone wasting time double checking stuff.