Good morning.

Recently I have noticed a lot of rumours regarding which projects we are working on with a lot of old imagines are being shared on here and other social media with some believing we have started working on the eagle now.

As stated many times we are still committed to completing our existing modules before moving onto coding for new modules.

The 3D modeller for the eagle for the past 4 months has been busy upgrading the textures of the mirage cockpit and now finishing the amazing new pilot. When Tim has finished these tasks he will move onto the Eagle.

When the Coders have finished the existing modules they will move onto new aircraft as its known we have 3 coders and 4 artists and a separate terrain team.

This is what we are working on at the moment.

Team 1 (two coders) are working on the existing aircraft bugs

Team 2 (third coder) is currently working on FM tweaks

Team 3 (3d modeller) is making the new VR pilot for the mirage (then the F15 model)

Team 4 (3D modeller) is working on the Mig23

Team 5 (2x 3D modellers) are working on the ai assets for the falklands)

Team 5 is making the Falklands map

Hope this helps stop the rumour mill from spinning wildly out if control.

Happy flying