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    AI bandits in DCS can “see” missiles at 50% of their max range. It’s coded into the game. This is why you see bandits start pumping chaff when you launch in TWS even at a very long range. It’s not the radar they’re reacting to, they’re seeing the missile visually even at that range.
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      Originally posted by pstavis View Post
      Based on what I read i thought the phoenix missile would be the choice for shooting bogies 50nm+. It seems its no the case.
      It is the case, but not for fighters maneuvering hard. You can kill non-maneuvering targets at up to 70nm even. One of the main purposes of the Phoenix was to defend the carrier and its battle group against soviet naval bombers. Those bombers can't maneuver much.
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      DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


        case in point, 6/6/6 (six targets, six shots, six kills) against Tu-95s at 95nm is doable, even easy. 2/4/1 against MiG-31s at 60nm is by comparison a huge victory. Granted, I am dodging 2-3 R-33s in the second scenario.


          Originally posted by QuiGon View Post
          35NM is still a pretty big distance for fighter targets. I recommend to wait untill <20nm to launch. That way the missile carries enough energy over the entire distance and makes it pretty difficult to evade.
          Originally posted by OnlyforDCS View Post
          Like Quigon already mentioned don't fire your AIM54s at fighters until you are at least 30nm away, and closing fast. Ideally I would fire between 20-25nm, even when flying high and fast. Once you get pitbull indication turn cold get some distance, and rinse and repeat if you need to or want to play it safe & have the missiles to spare.
          Can't say i agree with the above quotes. I've never lost a 35NM (for a Mk60) or 30NM (for a Mk47) shot because the missile ran out of energy. In fact, i've used them to chaff. And sometimes due to maneuvering. But unless the bandit turns cold at the first warning (which the AI seldom does), the Phoenix is more then capable of intercepting any AI bandit.

          This is my session from this afternoon. I got a bit lucky today, but unless the missile CM rejection has been changed under the hood by ED with the last patches, this only serves to illustrate how crapshoot missile defense really is. The last time i tried this i've had a 75% miss ratio. And they were all due to CM and some notching.

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