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Capt Zeen F-14 Tomcat v1.0 Helios profile !!!

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    I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I believe it's a limitation of DCS that makes the ability to dynamically change profiles when changing views impossible (i.e. changing exported displays when switching between the pilot and RIO seat).

    My understanding is that when you click "fly" DCS is processing that monitor setup file and locking things in place. Hence, whatever you have asked to be rendered is essentially "locked in." Thus, there is no way to simply activate or deactivate viewports while in flight.

    1.6 definitely did a lot, but I think what you're asking for would require ED to fundamentally change how viewport exporting works.

    The only way I could properly envision what you're looking to do would be to utilize two for the pilot's view and and one for the RIO. Then you would export all the relevant viewports. That's far from ideal but I can't think of another option off the top of my head.

    If you haven't already, I would encourage you to bring this up in Capt Zeen's discord. There is an F-14 channel there where you could ask this question and others might have a more detailed understanding of the limitations (or a possible alternate solution).
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      Thanks Stewmanji. That's pretty much what I suspected, but was secretly hoping it wasn't the case.

      I'll get discord and ask the question there as you've suggested just in case anyone can think of a way around it.