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    Originally posted by pepin1234 View Post
    What about if they leave the work made as an open source community module?
    Honestly, we don't know what a state of it is... is it being worked, on hold...? Last info was from mid-2019 or so...
    The work done on C-101 is excellent and I real hope AvioDev produce a new module.

    All the people keep asking for capabilities to be modelled.... I want the limitations to be modelled.... limitations make for realistic simulation.

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    Long time ago in galaxy far far away:


      So it's been quite a while since we've had an update on the mirage F-1. Vibora has said their priority is the C-101 which I appreciate and respect. I love that aircraft and I'm very happy with my purchase(s) of it. That being said, Id like to ask Aviodev for a 2020 end of the year update on the F-1 sometime between Christmas and the new year. What ever progress there has been on it I would be grateful to hear whether its just art or coding or a road map of sorts.


        AvioDev is a polar opposite of Razbam - they stick to what they have on their plate and don't ask for seconds if they haven't finished. I appreciate that.

        Still, I'm really looking forward to seeing this on the Cold War server, love the F1 in Spanish camo.

        [picture from Wikipedia]

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