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DCS World 1.5 Changelog and Updates

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    DCS 1.5.8

    today for the Open Beta only

    Support of DCS AV-8B by RAZBAM

    DCS World
    • New login procedure on the start of game.
    • Encyclopedia. Many new units/objects added.
    • ME. Unit’s MODULE name added to UNIT LIST PANEL.
    • SA-6 Kub. Continuously loss target tracking - fixed.
    • SA-11 Buk: Launcher has too big detection angle - fixed.
    • SAM Hawk work restored.
    • Flat shadows restored.
    • Trees shadows will not disappear at some view and distance.
    • Crash caused by attack of AI fighter to cruise missile - fixed.
    • Illumination bomb now have a damage model.
    • AI ships. Dramatical FPS drop when harpoon launched - fixed.
    • SSE. Controller.getDetectedTargets() will work with EWR radars.
    • Added localization keys for WWII aircraft armaments.
    • KC-135 can refuel from another tanker.
    • AI aircraft refuel sequence corrected.
    • The Multi-functional Display will be not flickering when using SLI/XFire and Deferred Shading.
    • Warehouse status restored for warehouse static objects.
    • Moon will light the fog.
    • AI aircraft. The impact point calculation of CBU-97 corrected.
    • Axis indication added to Input GUI.
    • Add China Asset Pack.
    • Update voice over for CN.
    • Aircraft will be not damaged when it spawned on the flight deck of carrier.
    • Added special "END MISSION" button to save progress in campaign in the Debriefing window.
    • Added procedure that collect all necessary files to ZIP for diagnostic. After game crash, will be started procedure that automatically collects debugging information: crash report, crash dump, track, log. If the user agrees to provide information about the system, then msinfo.nfo and dxdiag.txt files are additionally attached.
    • Added a gameplay statistics. If the user agrees for statistic collecting, the game settings and the type of the player controlled object will be sent to server. This information will be analysed for further gameplay improvements.

    DCS Flaming Cliffs
    • Su-27/33: Added engine thrust dependence on the outside air temperature.
    • Su-27: Stick limiter override command added to joystick profile.
    • A-10A: Added axis control of wheel brakes.
    • MiG-29: Airbrake will be closed when gear is lowered.
    • Su-33. Altimeter will not stop at high altitude.

    DCS C-101 by AvioDev
    • Corrected ADI ball animation in both pitch and roll. (Removed movement in "yaw". Improved pitch accuracy).
    • New Flight Director bars with curvature, according to real ADI presentation.
    • New sounds implemented for control stick and rudder pedals. (WIP).
    • Removed unwanted sound when canopy is open.
    • TACAN memory/acquisition logic adjusted - acquisition timer added (0.5 seconds).
    • Updated TACAN 115V power consumption - no consumption when in receive only mode.

    DCS UH-1H
    • Engine EGT limits were implemented
    • Fine tuning of the engine and hover modelling was done, discrepancy with real chart now not exceeding 2.7%.
    • Cargo indicator logic was remade for cargo unhook aid mode.
    • Bug when you drop/unhook sling load cargo but cargo weight is still affecting airframe was fixed
    • Sling load cargo drop cockpit controls were implemented

    DCS Mi-8MTV2
    • Tail boom separation during sling load operation with acceptable vertical speed was fixed
    • Crew chief hints for cargo unhook zone navigation was tuned (EN version still needs addition of several commands WIP)
    • Cargo indicator logic was remade for cargo unhook aid mode
    • Visualization of sling load cable was fixed
    • Refinement of tuning for AP-34B autopilot was done in pitch-roll channel

    DCS NS-430
    • TOTAL TRIP TIME timer in the Utility menu counts too fast
    • Measure cursor doesn't allow measurement of arbitrary points on the map
    • NRST entry in Direct-To page incorrect
    • Wrong distance units displayed
    • Fixed typing with a large right knob
    • Unable to select NRST from Direct-To
    • Rounding error in remaining leg distance
    • Default runway minimum length on the NRSTapt page should be shorter than 2000m
    • NRSTapt page approach type should show best available approach (not always ILS)
    • VLOC default frequency is outside the allowed range of radio navigation beacons
    • Cannot make USR waypoints.
    • DIS field on NAVdefault page shows wrong number of digits
    • GPS should remember which subpage you were on
    • Unable to set more than 9.9 gallons per hour in the Fuel Planning menu
    • Changing GS field on NAVdef page causes other fields to disappear
    • If you turn power off and back on, it resumes inputting fields on the self test screen
    • Measure cursor position gets corrupted when you zoom in or out
    • Unable to load approaches with flight plans or direct-to enabled
    • FPL button unusable after adding a waypoint to a flight plan
    • Track doesn't seem to account for magnetic declination properly, since JSAVIONICS changes
    • DIS field on flight plan page should only have 1 decimal place
    • Flight Plan errors
    • Unable to select airport properly when loading approaches without a flight plan or destination
    • Heading instead of track

    DCS Spitfire IX
    • Added default snap views.

    • F-15C The Georgian War Campaign - restored trigger functionality.
    • Su-33 Heavy Sky and Sea Dragon campaigns updated and converted to the multi-language format.

    And also a number of minor updates and fixes.

    Known issues
    • DCS AJS-37 Viggen RWR crash.
    • Background music heard in multiplayer. Temporary solution: just slightly move the music volume slider in the ingame options panel.
    • Black skins in the Encyclopedia.
    • Crash with NAVY group route planning in the F10 map.

    Update 2017-12-01
    DCS Hotfix 1
    • UI background music will not play in multiplayer game.
    • Crash with spawn of four AV-8BNA on Tarava - fixed.
    • Сrash caused by deactivation of the ship which has AV-8BNA on it fixed.
    • Crash caused by addition of the ship route on F10 map was fixed.
    • The textures of 3D models in the encyclopedia restored.
    • The crash with flight.dll that appears after some player helicopter actions on the FARP is fixed.
    • MP. Shelling zone trigger will be visible to clients.
    • UH-1H. Corrected animation of a stick cargo button.
    • ME. The next route leg will not go off the road when moved the previous route waypoint.
    • AV-8B. Fix of incockpit FPS hit.

    Update 2017-12-15
    DCS Hotfix 2
    Ready for public

    DCS World
    • MP. Rearming and Refuelling menu will be reset when user disconnects/connects.
    • Briefing Window QFE Section corrections.
    • Open mission window. Mission list can be sorted by columns.
    • ME. Corrected an ME layout in the minimum allowed screen resolution.
    • ME. Values stored in the "additional properties for aircraft" and "radio preset" tabs will be inherited from the previous unit for new units.
    • MP. Fixed showing the description and player names for servers with many players.
    • MP. Fixed serverlist error when 'required modules' list is too long.
    • Added displaying authorization expiry time when login failed or cancelled.
    • ME. Additional aircraft options (radio frequencies etc.) will be available in ME even corresponding module is not purchased.

    DCS Combined Arms
    • Combined arms crash during gameplay (Weapons.dll) - fixed (fix of 1.5.8 beta).
    • CA. F10 map. Fog of War: target mark will not follow target outside of sensor line of sight.

    UH-1H by Belsimtek
    • Endless and cloned escaping animation when one pilot is dead - eliminated.
    • Flares using will not be available without hardpoints installed.
    • Fixed default view at the UH-1H after cargo view.

    Mi-8MTV2 by Belsimtek
    • Engine Fire failure (left and right engines in ME were mixed) fixed.
    • Simultaneous GUV (guns) and B8V20 (rockets) fire fixed.
    • Now the view on cargo through the access hole (after "3" key) of the flight engineer is in direction of flight.

    NS430 by Belsimtek
    • Direct-to should default to current destination waypoint, unless highlighting a different waypoint identifier - fixed.
    • ME to FPL random bugs.
    • Loading an approach errors.
    • The default approach shown should be the most precise. ILS > RNAV > VOR > NDB > Circling. Circling approaches do not have the runway number in the title.
    • GPS incorrectly allows editing of mission editor airport waypoints.
    • GPS should only use approach or departure mode if you activate an approach or departure.
    • Unable to set coordinate of WP by means of RAD/DIS and RAD/RAD.
    • Wrong waypoints offered for approach transitions.
    • The NS430 pre-fills to the last or current waypoint. NS430 prompts for duplicates that are not identical if they share a root.
    • Suggested course popup is showing true instead of magnetic.
    • Direct-to legs should not draw an airport icon at the origin on the map.
    • Wrong waypoints offered for approach transitions.
    • Invalid fuel planning solutions should be hidden from user.
    • After using direct-to navigation, unable to activate a leg from the existing flight plan.
    • CN NS430 manual updated.

    • Wing detached pieces shapes included.
    • HUD updates for all modes.
    • AGM-122 FM Update.
    • HUD Day/Night mode updated.
    • MPCD FLIR video misalignment fixed.
    • EFM small bugs fixed.
    • Updated fonts and symbols for MPCD and HUD.
    • MPCD video and HUD video now have green masks.
    • GBU-12 ITER load weight fixed.
    • HUD RWR Symbology added.
    • Aircraft ground stance fixed.
    • Crash when landing two of more aircraft AV-8B on Tarava (fix of 1.5.8 beta).
    • Crash caused by more than one Tarawa ship in ship group - fixed (fix of 1.5.8 beta).

    DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
    • Remodeled collision model.
    • Fixed minor visibility arguments for pylon and gear door damage.
    • Fixed critical damage flight controls for missing wings.
    • Fixed rudder key bindings.
    • Removed country list from ‘Am’ file.
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      DCS 1.5.8 Update 1

      DCS Update 1

      Today for Open Beta only.
      Will be in the public version at next week.

      DCS World
      • MP. Fixed noticeable stuttering.
      • MP server. Interactive windows can be disabled when crash appears.
      • AI vehicle speed is limited driving on slopes and in forests.
      • AI vehicles are ignoring assigned speed above 20 kp/h (moving in column on path) - fixed.
      • LHA-1 Tarava. Fixed crash with Alt-F9 view.
      • SAM will not engage target if the track radar does not have line of sight.
      • AV-8B. Ugly black AGM-122 fixed.

      DCS A-10C
      • New version of the "DCS A-10C дополнительные материалы RU.pdf" by Tester and ICS_Vortex.

      DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
      • Reduced collision line segments.
      • Fixed missing textures.

      DCS NS430 by Belsimtek
      • When you reverse a flight plan, the gps stays in final approach mode
      • Default scroll position of flight plan information is wrong
      • Default sensitivity of direct-to should be 2.0nm instead of 1.0nm
      • The direct symbol should be centered on the flight plan page
      • Cannot scroll to NRST field without a flight plan
      • "Not for navigation" popup should only apply to non-GPS
      • Direct-to on highlighted fixes isn't overriding existing
      • Pressing 'CLR' on "Approach" or "Departure" in flight plan
      • Waypoint creation Lat/Long bug

      Update 2017-12-27
      DCS 1.5.8 Update 1 goes to public version.
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        DCS 1.5.8 Update 2

        DCS Update 2

        Today for Open Beta 1.5.8.

        DCS World
        • Fixed bug that caused aircraft AI crash during avoidance maneuvers.
        • Su-24/Su-24MR: corrected coordinates of refueling probe.
        • Corrected afterburner effect.
        • ME. Trigger zones name will be automatically add the number in the name string if there are already exist the zone with same name.
        • VR. Disable applying of scale GUI option in VR mode.
        • Corrected the PNG format screenshot generation.
        • AI fighters will not be launch the AA missiles off angle limits.
        • BRU-42 and GBU-12 weight correction.
        • The sky blinking at low water settings corrected.
        • HAI Ka-27 will able to find the ship for landing.
        • Fixed crash on AAA when relative altitude of target is negative.
        • VR. Aspect Ratio setting will not breaks ingame overlays.
        • UH-1H Crash landing on cruiser / ship flight.dll fixed.
        • AI Fw 190D-9 engine seems indestructible fixed.

        DCS Flaming Cliffs
        • F-15C. HSI Distance will now be working.

        DCS NS430
        • Approach and departure procedures should not be loaded by default.
        • Direct-to earlier WPs in a flight plan should re-calculate normal leg distances.
        • Inverting a flight plan should first remove all submode navigation waypoints.
        • Removing approaches no longer works.
        • Activating an approach should automatically enable direct-to the selected IAF.
        • After choosing an arrival, we should get a popup for transition if a choice exists.
        • Arrivals should only appear once in the popup scroll window, transitions are chosen separately.

        DCS CA
        • SA-19 Tunguska will not automatic tracking target in missile channel. Player have to manually tracking target with optical sight.

        DCS C-101 by AvioDev
        Changes not included in last 2.2.0 update::
        • Removed static sound heard occasionally due to radio markers. This sound can still be disabled/enabled with MK knob and/or main volume knob in intercom panel.
        • Single mission names appear now in DCS interface list.
        • Corrected mirror disabling, folding and initialization according to “Mirrors” option in UI.
        • Fixed crash with dynamic weather enabled.
        • Corrected several control input names.
        • Fixed TACAN RMI pointer not rotating when channel 00X is set.
        • Fixed some cockpit labels lightning.
        • Boarding ladder, wheel chocks, GPU and pilot’s helmet appear now correctly when viewed by others in MP.
        • Others can now view pilot head up and down movement in MP.

        Changes already present in last 2.2.0 update, which are new for 1.5.8:
        • Added warm up time (10 seconds) for TACAN.
        • Increased TACAN acquisition time up to 2 seconds.
        • Fixed ADI/HSI/RMI still being operational without electric power.
        • Adjusted animation speed of ADI runway symbol.
        • Adjusted HSI minimum brightness.
        • Fixed animation of “eyelid” that surrounds the ADI attitude sphere.
        • Fixed IFR hood model (front part was missing).
        • Fixed cockpit label AIR CONDITIONING.

        DCS Ka-50
        • Ka-50: Crash on loading mission with taking of or landing on ship fixed.

        2018-01-26 UPDATE
        • Fixed crash with Weapons.dll.
        • Fixed bug when server list becomes empty when user stays in Main Menu some time.
        • Fixed crash when plane collides with balloon.
        • Serverlist sometimes doesn't show all the servers - fixed.
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