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Accurate map for DCS 2.5 Caucasus theatre

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    Originally posted by Flappie View Post
    I've looked a bit at Oruxmaps documentation, but I haven't found much about tiles tweaking so far, sorry.
    If you contact Jose, the developer (it's only him), he might be able to help you. I didn't see his email on the website, but I can provide you with it by PM if you like.
    But otherwise don't bother about it, focus on the main thing, the web map.
    Anyhow, thanks for looking into it.
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      Originally posted by Holton181 View Post
      But otherwise don't bother about it, focus on the main thing, the web map. Anyhow, thanks for looking into it.
      You're welcome.

      Originally posted by Flappie View Post
      I'm trying to add bearing next to the measurement tool distance. It shows up, but it's all wrong. I don't know what's happening. I've tried two methods from different sources and they return the same bearing. I'm starting to believe something is wrong with my map.

      For instance:
      Batumi runway 31 shows a bearing of 312 instead of 306 (+6).
      Anapa runway 04 shows a bearing of 45 instead of 42 (+3).

      Maykop runway 22 shows a bearing of 224 instead of 219 (+5).
      Beslan runway 28 shows a bearing of 282 instead of 274 (+8 ).
      Gudauta runway 15 shows a bearing of 156 instead of 151 (+5).
      I've just found what's wrong. It's not "the map", it's the projection I've been using all this time, Web Mercator (EPSG:3857), which has the advantage of being used everywhere (Google Maps, and also Combat Flite). But it's a non conformal projection, which means angles get ****ed up. I quote Wikipedia:

      While the Web Mercator's formulas are for the spherical form of the Mercator, geographical coordinates are required to be in the WGS 84 ellipsoidal datum. This discrepancy causes the projection to be slightly non-conformal. General lack of understanding that the Web Mercator differs from standard Mercator usage has caused considerable confusion and misuse. For all these reasons, the United States Department of Defense through the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has declared this map projection to be unacceptable for any official use.
      I've just tried to reproject the map in UTM 36N (32636) (hinted in the Caucasus.MapCoords.lua game file because that's the projection used in the F10 map), and now the angles are just fine! I guess I'll stick to UTM 36N from now on.
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      Accurate DCS 2.5 Caucasus map - v1.0



        А аэродрома кабулети оказывается больше нет =(


          Some fresh news:
          • The webmap project is on hold. My intention was to provide a full vector map for CombatFlite, but its creator hasn't used it so far. And I don't want to waste my time on unused projects...
          • ... I have a better idea: doing Persian Gulf and Syria maps. I don't know which theatre I'll start with yet. Syria is my favorite, but its landscape might change a bit in the first years, like all early access products usually do.
          • Last but not least, my Caucasus map will soon be featured in TacView.
          Accurate DCS 2.5 Caucasus map - v1.0