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    Like everything else ..this is buged right now. If I input those shows me I have to go in other direction for 120nm.


      Originally posted by SharpeXB View Post
      Wow this is just impossible to understand! I’m going to just try to use the F10 map to show me where the pilot is

      PS it’s possible to complete the mission without using DRYAD, just look for the flare Max shoots up. Ask your wingman for the offset from Bullseye but it’s not very far from WP4
      Yes, I built bullseye from wingman in just to help if Dryad was too difficult I don’t tkphink coordinates input is bugged, maybe problem with INS alignment?


        Originally posted by blackactionedwin View Post
        Mistake as so often on the user side. There is no typo in the number lines. First coordinate is N 372... not 332 "I=7" not 3 in this case!! Then the coordinates point you correctly towards MAX.

        Unfortunately I still don´t manage to overcome those two bandits. Keep on trying
        You still have 7 number instead of 6 for latitude coordonate ... there is something i really don't understand here.