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[Fixed] Mission 4 code word bug

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    [Fixed] Mission 4 code word bug


    Thanks, loving the campaign so far. I never buy scripted campaigns as I hate the canned nature, but I just had to have this one. So far so good!

    One little bug in Mission 4: AWACS calls the flashlights coming from "rice", but on the kneeboard "rice" is Sir Abu Nay'r, the UAE owned island. They should be coming from "corn." I ended up going way south only to see the helos coming from Sirri on the datalink!

    I hit burner and got back in time, so no harm done. However (and the rest of the narrative doesn't pertain to the bug), I took one lucky bullet from the helos in the close flypast (I may have gotten too close?), which of course hit the fuel tank. I was dropping fuel, under 2000lbs and dropping fast, and 75NM from the tanker and the boat. Despite the instructions to remain on station I climbed up to Angels 40 and headed straight for the tanker. Thankfully this didn't break the script and the mission still progressed!!

    I hit the tanker with 200lbs of fuel, plugged on the first try (phew!), and bled that poor little S3 of everything it had. I was losing fuel so fast I still only left the tanker with 2000lbs, went direct to the boat for an abbreviated straight-in (would have been a barricade IRL I'm sure), and trapped on the first try with 300lbs remaining.

    I didn't think I'd make it, but that was the most well earned 100 score I think I've got yet. Thankfully my complete departure from the "plan" didn't break any scripts!

    On a side note, having read the book a couple years ago, something tells me I'll be doing this again....

    PS - one other very minor point from Mission 3. In the 9 line, I'm given IP WIZARDS 328 for 6.7 (Lines 1-3); however, I can't find anywhere in the product where IP WIZARDS is. Knowing where the target is from Line 6, I was able to work backwards to find where it would be, but it's missing from any of the product that I can see. I'm really picking flypoop out of pepper here, so please tell me if I'm being too picky! (Or if it is in the product somewhere and I've missed it)
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    I find it too.Rice should be sirr island


      Marked for fixing, thanks.