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Vertical speed indicator not accurate.

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    Vertical speed indicator not accurate.

    I barely post so I'm not too sure I should post this here, but I will since this is Yak's forum.

    I have been taking notes on some DCS aircraft climb performances using the TAC view and without it with a chronometer, and after many tries I noticed the Yak-52 vertical speed indicator is showing 1/3, or so, less vertical speed than it really climbs. I guess that would be not important if it was a bit less, but I think it's a lot of difference from the real climb and would be nice if it was looked into.

    An example: climbing to 2.000 meters from 200 feet takes me around 5 minutes and 50 seconds (which is equivalent to 5,8 m/s aprox), but the cockpit is actually reading less than 4 m/s vertical speed. I'ts just an example of one of the tries but I did many and at different altitudes and every time the difference is similar.

    Sorry if this is unimportant, and for my basic english

    Try keeping your vertical speed at some constant value (say 3 m/s) for 1 minute and check altitude delta (should be 180 meters). That’d be much more accurate.


      Thanks for the advice, easier and faster that way!

      I just did a few tests, all of them with vertical speed in cockpit showing 3m/s sustained during a few minutes, so I could take more than 5-6 readings. For example, it took me exactly 1 minute from 500 feet altitude to 1.400 feet (900 feet/minute) keeping the vertical speed indicator showing exactly 3 m/s. That would mean every minute I should have climbed 590,5 feet, when I actually climbed 900, which means 4,57 m/s, and not 3 as the Yak was showing.

      I guess it's not very important when flying since all the important data for climb profiles usually points speed and altitude, but I thought maybe someone would see it worth knowing.


        IRL dynamic + temperature errors can reach 30%. The main function of the device - to watch the accuracy of level flight. There is also a time lag - from 1 to 2 sec.