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Missing 'TrackIR Gunner' profile due to hard links

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    Missing 'TrackIR Gunner' profile due to hard links


    For both the UH-1H and the Mi-8 there should be four different profiles available in the Controls settings:
    'TrackIR Gunner'
    But for the Huey the 'TrackIR Gunner' is missing if both aircrafts are installed.
    The reason is that the file 'name.lua' in 'Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H\Input\UH-1H_TrackIR_Gunner' are hard linked to the same file in 'Mods\aircraft\Mi-8MTV2\Input\Mi-8MTV2_TrackIR_Gunner'. So both files have identical information (technically they are the same file).
    Removing the Huey 'name.lua', emptying the trashcan (Windows 7), and creating a new file with the same name but with the correct information (return _('UH-1H TrackIR Gunner')) solves the problem.

    This problem has been present a while. It exist in my DCS 1.5.7.

    I have confirmed this to not being only in my install by asking about it here and here.
    Helicopters and Viggen
    DCS 1.5.7 and OpenBeta
    Win7 Pro 64bit
    i7-3820 3.60GHz
    P9X79 Pro
    GTX 670 2GB
    VG278H + a Dell
    PFT Lynx
    TrackIR 5