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Door Gunners not engaging (AGAIN)

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    Door Gunners not engaging (AGAIN)

    Hi all!

    YES this has been addressed, YES it was corrected, but seems like it has broken again.

    Using the same mission file (Flight of two UH-1H. 1-1( is player, 1-2 is AI), engaging infantry targets.

    while offline/single player, door gunners from both acft engage targets.

    load the mission file onto my server (stand alone, same open-beta version). Only the door gunners on 1-2 (AI) engage.

    check the server logs, effectively 1-1 is not engaging at all. 1-2 is engaging. ROE is set for FREE FIRE at all times. I even cycled to the settings to attempt to correct it.

    seems the problem only happens in multiplayer. excerpt from the server log is below.

    2020-10-15 21:38:32.647 INFO NET: client[2] occupied unit 285
    2020-10-15 21:38:43.743 INFO Scripting: event:type=birth,t=46953.03,initiatorPilotName=Hawker,initiatorMissionID=285,
    2020-10-15 21:38:43.745 INFO Scripting: event:t=46953.03,type=birth,initiatorMissionID=286,
    2020-10-15 21:38:47.007 INFO Scripting: event:t=46956.311,type=takeoff,initiatorMissionID=286,
    2020-10-15 21:38:48.241 INFO Scripting: event:type=takeoff,t=46957.546,initiatorPilotName=Hawker,initiatorMissionID=285,
    2020-10-15 21:39:42.023 INFO Scripting: event:weapon=M134 Minigun,t=47011.34,type=start shooting,initiatorMissionID=286,
    2020-10-15 21:39:42.071 INFO Scripting: event:weapon=M134 Minigun,t=47011.38,type=start shooting,initiatorMissionID=286,
    2020-10-15 21:39:42.819 INFO Scripting: event:weapon=M134 Minigun,t=47012.13,type=end shooting,initiatorMissionID=286,
    2020-10-15 21:39:43.507 INFO Scripting: event:weapon=M134 Minigun,t=47012.82,type=start shooting,initiatorMissionID=286,

    285 is player, 286 is AI.

    I would appreciate any suggestions to fiz this issue. Thank you.


    Can you attach a track replay, bare in mind gunner with 7.62mm will not engage anything they can not penetrate.

    They seem to be working for me if I am engaging light armour or soft targets


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      Hi, thanks for the fast response!

      If you browse through the first post, they are using the minigun to engage infantry. 1-2 (AI) engages, but not 1-1 (Player).

      This happens only while in multiplayer using the same mission file. During single player both aircraft engage without an issue.


        Is this at night? I am having the same problem at night. Multiplayer door gunners are not engaging, but co-pilot engages just fine.


          Interesting. It's during the day, enemy is clearly visible. And only in multiplayer. If I use the same mission file in the mission editor, gunners engage.

          This issue had been resolved roughly a month ago, but it came back a few days ago. I really hope ED looks into it.


            Hi, is ED looking into this at all? Gunners engaging is essential to assault operations. I hope this is being looked at. I'm not the only one with this problem. Thank you.