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NDB presets gone?

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    Previous ARK implementation was similar to RSBN and ARK in MiG-21 module - working on all airbases and NDBs and thus useful for current map, but not realistic.

    Current implementation is more like RSBN in L-39 module - more realistic, but beacuse of that, usable only for a few airbases.

    There's nothing to "fix" here, except for creating a Caucasus map with '50s-'60s airbases and NDB frequencies on it
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      '50s-'60s airbases and NDB frequencies on it
      You can actually make your own beacons. Open the ME, plonk down a jeep, add an optional Morse soundfile for aural ID, make it transmit AM on the KHz range and that's your NDB up and working.
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        In KA-50 too
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          I managed to find an original ARK-5 instruction. Unfortunately it is all in Russian language which I (sadly) do not poses. A friend of mine does translate it for me, and he insist that he found a chapter about our problem. I try to post exactly what he found (with the quote of course from original).
          From that what he describes "there was a possibility to set up on the ground three frequencies for ndb beacon in MiG15bis. Also it seems that those 3 swiches NDB-1 / NDB-2 / NDB-3 aren't standard part of ARK-5 instalation. It seems that they are added extra for MiG 15bis. Please be patient untill i find precise chapter about it.

          With my best regards

          Below a couple photos from original instruction:

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