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Addition to the remove hardpoints option

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    Addition to the remove hardpoints option

    Hallo, first of all, thanks for adding the remove hardpoints option, it helps a lot for people like me to fly it more comfortable!

    But I found a issue, and is that if you dismount the hardpoints you will have no Navigation Lights (The ones that are red, and green).

    So, what about changing the 3D argument when dismounting it to number 225 = 0.0 and 85 = 0.0?
    That way, when we dismount the hardpoints we will have navigation lights in the nose of the helicopter.


    P.S: Please, ignore the cracked window, I was messing with the arguments lol
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    Uhm, thats exactly how it works in DCS if you also remove the additional armor(what you didn't do on your second without hardpoints picture). So, you have to remove the additional armor plates to be able to use the Nav lights on the nose of the Mi-8.

    Also see the following "bug" report, it is working like intended:
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      Yeah, I understand what are you telling me. I though that my Idea was better because it would allow us to fly the Mi8 with armor, and also it would be easier to implement.

      To add the lights we have 3 options:

      My idea: It would allow to be covered by the armor, and the lights would be there, but could not be completly visible due to armor.

      Your idea: The solution for that could be linking the argument to the hardpoints one, but it could not be perfect for everydays situations where you get shot by some infantry.

      Combination of both ideas: This solution would require some coding probably. My point of view for this one would be to hace a place on the rearm and refuel menu, where I can select if I want the armor in my helo or not (could be done also for EVU). The same way you can load the PKV and the KORD, I would say it should be a box where it says ARM (from ARMor) and EVU (from EVU lol), so that way you can right click it and mount it or not, but this would require a lot of coding and it probably will never happen.

      So, either way I don't care if I have armor or not, I just want to have light's while flying in night lol.

      Maybe it could be a good idea to link the Armor 3D Argument number to the Hardpoints function. This would require much less coding, and it will be useful at nights!