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DCS Mi-8 is 7 years now, time for an update ?

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    For me, a graphical overhaul of the interior (preferably including the cabin) would be the main thing, maybe the exterior but it's not too shabby as is. Everything else is basically there.

    Aside from that, multicrew, weather effects and implementation of the rescue hoist/winch (basically identical to slingloading but the ability to vary the length on the fly, though obviously not that useful without anything to pick up).
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      I would love to see the OPB1R optical bombing sight. It was discussed a while ago, even confirmed IRC but then nothing. Apart from that, updated graphics would be awesome too and perhaps multi crew capabilities.


        Originally posted by Murey2 View Post
        With the Ka-50 getting the President-S ECM, I think the Mi-8 can also benefit from it. it would be awesome.

        MI-8MVT-2 Cant equip president S, I think only the MI-8AMTSH with the "dolphin nose" currently is the only operational variant with the system, however since they're able to model President-S hopefully if they ever update this model hopefully they could make the IR Jammer on our MI-8 functional.


          I hope that once the art side of things on the Mi-24 Hind is done the artist moves over to give the same treatment as done for the Blackshark to the Mi-8. Would kinda make perfect sense since Mi-24 and Mi-8 are drom the same family of russian helos.


            I picked up the Mi-8 on release and it's still one of my favorite modules. I'd happily pay for an update similar to what the A-10 got and Ka-50 is getting.


              I gotta agree on textures, the MI-8 goodies pack featuring the roughmetal textures and improved crosshair is a great start, but it needs much more on top of that. I, too, would pay for a graphical upgrade to my second-favorite Helicopter in DCS (first being the Huey).


                I would also love some paid for update for the Hip but I'm afraid there is not much to add to the Mi-8 to make enough people pay for an upgrade. Even if they did an MTV-5 I'm afraid the difference to what we have now is too little for the average DCS costumer to spend some $$.
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                  I do hope that the current cockpit textures would stay as option in settings for VR use, as it is great for that. One of the last things I would want is extra GPU performance consumption when not needed.

                  I am still waiting a working door winch and rear gunner position and means to perform a SAR missions with personnel in the rear compartment.
                  But that requires first major features added to Combined Arms and especially ground units handling and how new airplanes, respawns and all are handled in the game.
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