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    Is this working? I can't seem to figure it out, but user error is possible. Has anyone got it to function correctly?

    I am not sure what you are reffering to, but note that many ADF beacons are in MHz. You need them to be in kHz to tune into them.
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      You could fly VFR. That means just by map, clock and your eyes.


        Thank you Martin for that. I guess the map symbols were confusing me. Tuning in the khz worked.

        Mike Romeo, true. On the other hand I've been putting off learning to use the radio compass for a very long time already.


          Originally posted by samba_liten View Post
          I guess the map symbols were confusing me. Tuning in the khz worked.
          Note that some of the map's NDB frequencies are WRONG i.e. some kHz frequency beacons have an extra 3 zeros (making them MHz in DCS).

          These are GOOD

          • Ramat David 368 kHz RMD
          • Hatay 336 kHz HTY
          • Baniyas 304kHz BAN
          • Rene Mouawad 450 kHz RA
          • Aleppo 396 kHz ALE, 365 kHz MER

          These frequencies are WRONG and can't be tuned i.e. don't match RL

          * Adana Sakipasa 395,000.00 kHz ADN (should be 395 kHz)
          * Bassel Al-Assad 414,000.00 kHz LTK (should be 414 kHz)
          * Beirut Intl 351,000.00 kHz BOD (should be 351 kHz)

          I'm sure there are others with extra zeros but I don't have time to test them all.

          Tested Open Beta
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            My Syria map additions:

            HOMER beacons freq. fixed

            RSBN added (to L-39):
            ALEPPO 5 channel
            PALMYRA 10 channel
            DAMSCUS 15 channel
            LATAKIA 20 channel

            PRMG added (to L-39):
            LATAKIA 17R, 22 channel



              Personally I think the best solution would be to have the RSBN vehicle and PRMG equipment available in the mission editor to be placed in missions, with controls for channel/frequency, identifier etc.
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