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Rotor strike well within flight envelope

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    Rotor strike well within flight envelope

    I've encountered a recent issues with the flight model yesterday.
    We were doing some Helo training in Beslan and all of our KA-50 were experiencing rotor strikes well within the flight envelope.
    I would fall out of the sky when turning only slightly left when flying 250 km/h at 500 meters. At the current air temp (10°C) I should have been able to maneuver up to 300 km/h (at least according to the plaque on the left side of the cockpit).
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    Crowbar Inc.: "We deliver pain."

    Your track doesn't contain any replay information, so there is nothing to look at.

    In case you don't know: the number on the HUD is NOT indicated airspeed.
    IAS is shown on the HUD as a scale and it comes with a small 'max speed' indicator. Easiest tool to avoid overspeed.

    The max speed does NOT account for maneuvering. It only warns you about a rotor clash in forward flight. Don't try to maneuver while the alarm is going off. Increase in collective and/or kicking the rudder the wrong way will most likely result in a crash (unless you know exactly how to handle the aircraft).