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Export cautionlights and indicators

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    Export cautionlights and indicators

    Does anyone know how to declutter the ALT F1 HUD view on the Black Shark Ka 50

    I only want to see the HUD and remove all Cautionlights, Indicators, Anunciator lights in the ALT F1 HUD view...Maybe they can be moved to the Helios screens or totally delete them with regards to cpu and gpu preformance. Hope someone can helpout.

    NOTE: This only seems to work in latest open beta - doesn't work in current stable

    I can't find a way to disable the indicators completely but I did find how to move them off screen and out of your view.

    This will probably fail IC - I haven't tested it though. (EDIT: Just tested it online and it passes IC)

    EDIT: Made OVGME mod - attached below (File has "y" value of 3000. Edit it if you need to)

    TIP: Press LSHIFT+L (Lamps Test) to light up all indicators so you can check they are all off screen.
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      Hello Hunter,
      Thank you very much. I will try this later.


        NOTE: Only works in open beta - doesn't work in current stable

        Here is a version that keeps the indicators but makes them much smaller on the top right.

        This is made for 1920 x 1080 monitor. You will need to edit it for other resolutions.

        Tested it online and it passes IC.
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          Seems like this only worked for one open beta version - broken again since the following updates.

          @ED moderators - please could you ask if this function can be enabled again? Since there is an .lua file specifically for this I'm hoping it will be simple to get it going again?

          Makes a big difference in full screen mode as currently the indicators are huge and spread across the whole top of the screen. Would be great if we could size and position them again.



            What happened ?