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[REPORTED]Maverick LOS does not point toward designated target when MAV DDI not SOI

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    [REPORTED]Maverick LOS does not point toward designated target when MAV DDI not SOI

    The Maverick missile is not updating its line of sight toward the designated target except when STORES MAV DDI page is selected (diamond symbol). Expected behavior is that line of sight will be directed to designated target regardless of SOI status.

    Track file shows 3 waypoint designations showing that LOS follows designations if MAV SOI then again with MAV not SOI then again switching MAV SOI on and off with each new designation.
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    Interestingly, in the 'manual' it says to assign TDC to the Sensor before designating the target. I'm not even sure if the real thing should be able to display the Mav feed at all until TDC is assigned to it. It's not all that clear in the sources I have.
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      I have added a note with the thread to my other report, I believe it is related.

      If the seekers is given a waypoint that has not been set or cycled out of WPDSG there is a strange search pattern for the seeker.

      I will get the teams feedback and let you all know.


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