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Iron Eagle Campaign in Persian Gulf

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    Iron Eagle Campaign in Persian Gulf

    Iron Eagle is a 3-mission campaign that was created with audio taken from the 1986 movie, Iron Eagle, and it can be flown solo or up to 4 players.
    While not the most realistic campaign and situation, it can be quite fun and nostalgic, and will take about 2 hours to complete, or 3 hours if you re-fuel like me.
    It's pretty far along in its development and has reached version 1.0 after several years of off-and-on development.

    Any bugs, thoughts, suggestions -- good or bad -- please leave at the link below:
    Iron Eagle Campaign - Download

    Also, if anybody has played this and has any insight on whether a Syria version is needed, or perhaps knows of any good locations in Syria for this mission to take place, let me know.