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Is the missile override switch supposed to put the FCR in AAC mode?

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    Is the missile override switch supposed to put the FCR in AAC mode?

    If not, should it remember what the last mode was? Wondering if this is a bug as missile override mode just seems to just be a quicker way to get into AA master mode.

    edit: question should read: Is the missile override switch supposed to put the FCR in ACM mode?

    ACM not AAC
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    No, missile override is not meant for ACM. It's a quick way to select AMRAAMs as well as custom radar settings (not implemented yet), separate from the regular AA master mode. It ought to remember its settings from the last time you opened it in the same flight (although I'm not sure if this is implemented yet). If you manually put it into ACM modes using the MFD buttons, I believe it ought to remember that for next time, but I'd have to test that in another sim to see if that's how it would behave.

    Dogfight override is meant for ACM modes.
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      Hmm I guess the bug is that it doesn't remember the previous FCR mode then. If I have AAM set to use CRM and MSL OVRD to use ACM switching between AAM and MSL OVRD should also switch between CRM and ACM?


        Switching between BVR and Dogfight mode while keeping radar settings:

        There's a way around this problem. I figured out how to switch between amraam mode and dogfight mode while keeping my radar settings. (this only works as long as you have at least 1 amraam in store)
        1) From nav mode you go into "main A-A". Now you can set your radar stuff , and right MFD settings to whatyou like.
        2) When that's done, you press dogfight mode with "dogfight/Missile override switch - Dogfight/Center". Now you can again adjust your right MFD to show what you want.
        3) Now when you want to return to BVR mode (main A-A with the settings you set before), you simply press dogfight mode AGAIN. So you basically use the dogfight mode as a toggle switch.

        You do have set your MFD range scale again because when switching back it's set to 10nm , but at least you're in TWS mode or whatever you selected.
        This also works if you have sidewinders + amraams, when switching out of dogfight mode your radar will return to TWS mode, but like i said, you do have to set the scale again as it's set to 10nm, and if you have sidewinders, then you need to switch missiles as well.

        Dropping fuel tanks:
        There's also a weird thing when dropping fuel tanks. To keep my radar settings, i only drop my tanks while i'm in NAV mode.
        So from BVR mode i press "A-A main" to toggle out of AA mode and go into NAV mode. Then i go to Jettison menu and drop tanks.
        After i dropped my tanks, i first GET OUT of jettison menu, and only THEN switch back to BVR mode .

        I guess the most important thing when navigating these menu's is to use the buttons as toggle buttons. If you switch from dogfhigt mode to BVR mode by pressing 'main A-A" or something stuff gets weird.
        So when you want to go from dogfight mode to BVR mode, you should press dogfight mode AGAIN , this will return you to your previous mode and (most of) the settings.
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