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A-10C Flight Performance Request to Fixed with DCS: A-10C II

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    Originally posted by SmirkingGerbil View Post
    For a layman such as myself, second graph means far more consistent performance (not necessarily speed) in handling, and less "nursing" the stick while riding just on the edge of a stall and hoping for the best??
    Absolutely right. Although at the second graph the elevator was not shown, the AoA indirectly shows that the stick was almost frozen after a while. The graphs are time histories for the same tests V-g diagrams were shown for.
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      Originally posted by David OC View Post
      It's still the best simulation of the A10 before (10 years ago) or after these upgrades. It's still now the best overall complete combat simulation aircraft on the sim market to this day without these upgrades (10 years).
      I mean it is the only simulation of the A-10...