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    Originally posted by Nealius View Post
    It happens to me when doing gun runs in the Hornet with the TPOD on the left cheek station, and I'm fairly certain I've had it happen in the Harrier a couple times too. It doesn't seem as frequent as I remember in the old A-10C, and haven't tried in the A-10C II yet.
    Thanks, wasn't aware of this. I'm a centerline guy. I can imagine, especially with gun runs that it happens when you have the thing on the left side, do a gun pass, where the TGP is aligned slightly to the right, then pull up steep enough that it begins ro roll up on the right sight until it hits the limit. Now if you happen to do a left hand turn, it will be locked up there trying to get to the other side.

    So basically, a GIMBAL ROLL> message means, you've got to turn right, not just roll. You need to get the target into the right hemisphere of your airframe so the TGP head can unwind there. And yes, the arrow is definately there, I've seen it after the beginning of this discussion.


      Originally posted by Deezle View Post
      Roll in the opposite direction of the arrow. I've had limited success with this. I usually just standby the TGP and deploy it again.
      That would be the opposite of what you should do if it’s modeled correctly.


        Originally posted by Rainmaker View Post
        That would be the opposite of what you should do if it’s modeled correctly.
        I don't know what's correct, I just know what works.
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          The answer to the OP is in the way the camera is mounted and articulates. The head of the pod can rotate and the camera can essentially ONLY slew down. Tracking involves the head rotating and then the camera tilting down. You can demonstrate this with your arm outstretched and a pointing finger ... but you can only move your finger DOWN or rotate your arm. You can track pretty much anything in this way.

          Now, in the aircraft, the problem comes when you are pointing AT or BELOW the thing you're trying to target. If you're slightly off to one side, the camera can't look slightly left - it has to rotate to 90 degrees and look "down" . Allowing the aircraft to point slightly to the other side will require the pod to rotate 180 degrees to track it. Worse, if the target is now above your direction of travel, it will need to rotate "upside down" and "look down" to maintain the lock. Of course, it can only rotate so far so it will bang up against the stops.

          To see what I mean, track a target a point straight at it or slightly below it. Now look out the window at your pod and see how hard the seeker is rotating trying to keep the lock ...

          SO, if you are relying on a TGP target lock, you must try to KEEP THE POD TARGET POINT BELOW the FPV as you roll in and perform the attack - so that the pod ONLY has to rotate relatively small amounts to track the target. If you roll in aiming below the target point, the pod will end up trying to "look up" ... and rotate through crazy angles ... until it can't, at which point you'll get the GIMBAL ROLL message.


            We also have the boresight function back now (although as an OSB on the MFD), which helps a lot to deal with this issue.
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