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Ju88-A4 9K+FR of KG51 Zaporozhye, Ukraine May 1942 (Skin)

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    Ju88-A4 9K+FR of KG51 Zaporozhye, Ukraine May 1942 (Skin)

    Hi Guy
    I made this skin using the standard Luftwaffe RLM 70-71-65 colours and also reduced the chipping as the original was a little to much.
    I also changed the Pilot flying uniform to look like the Summer all in one Flying Suite with the option of sleeve rank and without sleeve rank.
    The Machine Guns metallic colour also looked too light so I gave them a darker Gun Metal Blue finish


    To install You will need WW2 Assets Pack.
    just follow the instructions in the README file.

    I have included:
    Ju88-A4 9K+FR of KG51 Zaporozhye Ukraine May 1942_Safe Swastika
    KG51 Blank Codes
    KG51 Blank Codes_Safe Swastika
    Pilot Summer Suite_Without Sleeve Rank Insignia


    Veeery nice!
    Smoke me a kipper I'll be back for breakfast! (Ken Gatward before his solo Beaufighter mission 1943)
    HW: i7-7700K@OC(delid) to 5.0 GHz, 32 GB RAM, MB ASUS Z270-A, GTX 3080, LCD WQHD G-SYNC 120Hz,TrackIR5, VKB Gunfighter, MFG Crosswind, GVL Throttle, Windows 10 64-bit


      Wow. Stunning work Warlord64 .
      Did you just reverse engineer that from the in-game skin? I mean, I don't think there is a template or anything is there?

      I really wish something like this in-game. With fuselage markers to match the tail-number set in the mission editor. That would allow us to place correctly marked units into the multiplayer missions.


        Thanks Guys
        @ xvii-Dietrich I actually created a Layered Template from scratch by as You rightly stated reverse engineering the appropriate Skin elements in the Ju-88A4 Textures Folder,I did the same with My P47-D Skins( Template Here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3312155/ )

        I will be making the Ju-88A4 Template available soon if there is enough interest



          Originally posted by Warlord64 View Post
          I will be making the Ju-88A4 Template available soon if there is enough interest
          Well, definitely count me as a "+1" for interest!


            Wow! This is fantastic work. I was always a little disappointed that ED didn't include a more familar skin for the JU-88. I like the maritime scheme but wanted something that looked a better fit for high level bombing missions. Your work is excellent and I hope you'll make the template available too. That would be excellent.
            PC specs:
            Rig specs: i7700k @4.45Ghz. 32GB RAM. MSI GTX 1070ti. 27" 1440p G-Sync monitor. Samsung M2 drive.