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AuthentiKit - Looking for beta testers shortly - need a 3d printer

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    AuthentiKit - Looking for beta testers shortly - need a 3d printer

    Anyone interested in some authentic flight controls for a Spit MkIX? I've started this project which will hopefully build into a community over time. Its primarily a VR thing and I'm focussing on the main tactile flight controls like spade/stick, throttle quadrant, elevator trim. Also flaps and landing gear - I love the action on that simple control. PointCtrl can handle the rest. I've developed a range of modular components that make it easy to build compatible products that go into a universal control hub.

    Self-Build Kit for Non-Engineers
    This is a self-build kit and you need to 3d print the plastic. All the rest is cheap commodity stuff like bearing, magnets & hall sensors you buy off ebay and Amazon. It's not really a project for engineers - i'm building it for people who are game to assemble an Ikea wardrobe.

    Beta Testing soon
    Before I upload everything to Thingiverse I'll be looking to beta test with some people who know what they want. There is no reason this stuff should not feel as good as proper commercial gear and that's my aim.

    Flight Stick first
    Here's a render of the flight stick at the current stage of development as well as an early version I took down to Goodwood to compare against their MkIX simulator.

    Interested? See more at