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What's wrong with the Jug, why so little interest ?

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    Originally posted by BuzzU View Post
    Not sure what you're using for a detent but Shapsway is made for you . You'll know where the detent is but it's easy to push through for planes that don't need it.

    Thank you for the answer. Just ordered mine. The normal detent is not good if you use the Throttle as collective or for warbirds.



      Good deal. You'll like the Shapeways detent.


        Originally posted by Reflected View Post
        The Channel, for the sake of variety.

        Kind of what I figured. I've held off buying it but now I have a reason.



          It's a nice map, miles ahead of Normandy in terms of detail, although it still needs some optimization.

          Still, it works fine with large formations, and a low level it's just beautiful with all that detail. I'm recreating real 56th Fighter Group missions based on books and original combat reports. Of course the map doesn't have Boxted, Halesworth, nor targets in Germany, so the missions will be much shorter than they were in real life. I have a hunch though, that for some players they will still be too long, but hey, it's going to be a historical campaign and you can't make everyone happy.

          "The Big Show" Spitfire Mk.IX Campaign
          "Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney" P-51D Campaign
          "Jagdflieger" Bf-109K-4 Campaign
          "Hunters over the Yalu" F-86F Sabre Campaign
          "Horrido!" FW-190A-8 Campaign


            Sounds good. I look forward to it.


              Me too. Will be my first campaign for a warbird. Keep it up Reflected!


                I can't wait to be able to tinker with the external tanks of the P 47 and have a nice take off at maximum weight.Yes, I also hope nice skins and the functionality of water injection in the cylinders ... yes
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                  I only had a chance to play with it briefly, but I thought it was amazing personally. It's new, and there's a lot of variety in aircraft these days. Wider adoption takes time )
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