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[REPORTED]WfrGr21 emergency drop

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    [REPORTED]WfrGr21 emergency drop


    The switch next to the swicth to activate the rocket (just over the bomb indicator), there is the switch for the emergency drop.
    It work well before you fire the mortar. It drop all the device (mortar and tubes).
    But After firing, it doesn't work.
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    Just wanted to add confirmation on this. Additionally, it manifests itself if you fire a single rocket. After this, the jettison does correctly ditch the un-spent rocket. But the spent tube remains.

    See attached screenshot and .trk track file.
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      +1 and while add it - hint: Dora



        And here is another track for that.
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        DCS: Dora - Zero visibility Instrument take off
        DCS: Kurfuerst - Zero visibility Instrument take off


          This bug seems to have not been reported, so I'll post another track and some more detail of the issue.

          In summary, the emergency jettison of the rocket tubes only works before the rocket has been fired.

          • Date of test: 31 July 2020
          • DCS: Open Beta v
          • Module: FW 190 A-8 EA
          • Map: Normandy

          • New mission, Normandy map, 1x FW 190 A8, air start, with BR21 rockets
          • Run the mission on my own server

          My procedure:
          1. Spawn in the aircraft and get stabilised
          2. Enable the rockets
          3. Fire none, one or two rockets
          4. Flip the jettison switch
          5. A rocket that was not fired will jettison (correct)
          6. The tube of a rocket that was fire, will not (INCORRECT - the tube should come away)

          • I've also seen the same thing with hot-starts and cold-starts from the ground.
          • I've also seen the same thing on at least one other map (Caucasus).
          • I have attached the mission file that I used for the test.
          • I have attached three track files which shows the none/one/both scenarios.
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            sorry for the delay.

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