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    Originally posted by cellinsky View Post
    Same here.

    I bought the Anton Campagne and wanted to up my skills before playing it in a realistic manner. Im aware this is not IL2, but having no chance at all against the AI is not realistic either. My flight gets butchered in no time without any losses to the other side no matter wich enemy planes. If I do the same mission in a Jug, I got shot down by the Antons regularly. Seems like the AI has always the perfect edge and perfect situational awarness. Hope this can be improoved along with the new damage-model. Cant imagine how hard it is for a Campagne creator to get the balance right.

    Still lots of fun to learn and fly this classics.
    It wasn't easy to create balance in the campaign, and I didn't always want to. After all, flying in the Luftwaffe in 1944 was a game of survival. But I made sure most AI, especially Spits are set to rookie, and that there's always a friendly force in the vicinity to help, etc...and not all missions are dogfights, there are ground attacks and several other tasks where the FW-190 is not at disadvantage.

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      Did you make the Anton start at the same altitude as the enemy?
      And what was the altitude ?

      Between 2000 and 3000m, the A8 is so disavantaged. It can't do anything against any enemy.

      I made some test with AI set like this :

      They fly well but they wont help the human that would take any place in it (except if they decide to attack the enemy that engage you).

      Another thing that could be interesting is to set up nearby AAA defenses. When combat not going well, pilot can either decide to try to continue or run away for cover. There were a lot of AAA everywhere in France.

      Finally, but I don't think it's possible in DCS. I did this in IL2 1946. I select for some plane which group to target in priority. So I'm able to create a battle with more plane that do not end up in a 20 vs 4 + 16. The cool think is that in IL2 they do their best to get the selected enemy group but if they another enemy attack, they defend themselves. And when the particular enemy group is downed, they go to another one.


        rtyfgv is obviously an expert in the art of shooting the opponent when he is turning towards you into a heads-on path. And he is good at deflection shooting. I sometimes manage this as well. The Anton's tremendous fire power really helps here. My tactics with the A8:
        1. try to hit him heads-on in the initial merge. Works surprisingly often.

        2. If that fails, keep going straight-on and gain altitude. The P-51 or P-47 cannot catch up with me, I gain altitude and distance. Some enemy pilots eventually give up and turn away. Then I go towards them, still gaining altitude, and often I can gain a position that allows to successfully attack with a sufficient energy advantage. Usually I can get behind him and kill.

        3. If he keeps following me: Once I have sufficient altitude and distance, I climb steeply to convert my speed into altitude, then use rudder to end the climb, turn in the dive towards the enemy and level off gently. This way I can make a 180° turn rapidly and without much energy loss. Then I maneuver so that I get behind the enemy. This can take some turns; but since I started with an energy advantage this tends to be successful.

        4. Avoid getting into a turning fight with low energy - it's suicide.
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          This is just like all the flight sim games of the past. The AI is only good with aircraft that turn well in the horizontal.

          I never enjoyed the 190A-8 much in Aces High, Il-2, or here. To be successful with it you need a team of human pilots to fly with, who understand how to set up a drag instead of attempting a maneuvering battle they will never win.

          P.S. The AI 190D-9 will lose almost as quickly.
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