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Joint Warrior Round 6 - Tactical PvP Battle

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    Joint Warrior Round 6 - Tactical PvP Battle

    Joint Warrior 6
    Sponsored by

    Heatblur Simulations
    Wild Weasel Apparel

    104th Phoenix in association with Heatblur Simulations & Wild Weasel Apparel

    proudly present Joint Warrior Round 6, our 1 life tactical PvP event.

    6th of October 1800z: Official battle
    DCS Theatre: Caucasus
    Battle duration: 3 hours - One life per pilot
    Open slots: 70 - first come first served
    Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server
    TeamSpeak Address:
    TeamSpeak password: phoenix

    Joint Warrior 6 is a symmetrical force on force event that consists of 2 teams of 35 Clients battling for victory in a tactical 1 life PvP battle.

    The aim of the mission is to attack the enemy assets while also protecting your own, both sides are attacker and defender.

    Each side will gain points for every enemy aircraft and ground unit that is destroyed.

    The mission will be released for all clients to study 1 week before the event starts on the 29th of September.

    Preliminary Mission Overview

    A2A Weapons Restrictions

    Aim-120B/C - Limited to 6 per aircraft
    Aim-54A - Limited to 4 per aircraft
    Aim9X - Limited to 2 per aircraft

    There is no limit the amount of weapons that can be carried for the entire mission only per flight.

    A2S Weapons Restrictions

    JDAM and JSOW are not permitted.

    Harpoon is not permitted.
    RB-15 is not permitted.


    Our friends at Heatblur Simulations and Wild Weasel Apparel have very kindly donated prizes to the winning team!

    There are 2 Heatblur Modules up for grabs along with 4 Wild Weasel T-shirts for the winning team.

    To encourage teamwork the winners will be selected at random from the winning team after the event!

    Aircraft Available

    • AJS37
    • AV-8B
    • F-14B
    • F-15C
    • F/A-18C
    • F-16 (if released)
    • JF-17 (if released)
    • J-11A
    • Su-27
    • Su-33
    • MiG-29S
    • Mirage 2000C
    • A-10C
    • SU25T

    All aircraft are available on both sides however there will be no US Carrier Group on the Red side and no Russian Carrier Group on the Blue side.

    Fighter Control

    Fighter Control will be available using LotATC, the use of CA for GCI will not be permitted.
    To sign up for fighter control you must be a registered 104th server fighter controller , registration is available HERE


    1 Life per Pilot.
    All Clients must be on the 104th Teamspeak server.
    All Clients must have SRS installed.
    Client pings must be below 330.
    AWACS aircraft are not valid targets and will be set to immortal.

    We reserve the right to remove you for high ping / packet loss!

    Sign Up

    To Sign Up for the event you must have an account on ED forums, sign ups will be handled on a first come first served basis!
    There will also be a Reserve List to replace pilots who do not show up.

    There is a limit of 6 Aircraft from any 1 Squadron per side, however you can add more pilots to the reserve list and if any clients do not show up we will allow extra squadron members to fly.

    You can have 6 Aircraft on the Blue side and 6 Aircraft on the Red side from any 1 Squadron, eg.. 6 104th on Blue and 6 104th on Red.

    Sign up format eg...

    104th_Maverick - F/A-18C - Blue

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    104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad


    Joint Warrior 6

    Both coalitions have the same objectives to attack and defend.
    • BARCAP Friendly Forward Airbase
    • Strike Enemy Forward Airbase
    • Destroy Enemy Coastline EWR Site
    • Destroy Enemy Tankers running from Bullseye
    • Destroy Enemy Warships near Bullseye

    At the mission start two Blue Tankers and two Red Tankers will start sailing from bullseye towards friendly forces in a bid to escape the enemy attack on the coastline.
    These ships are protected by 2 REZKY Warships on each side that are positioned along the egress route from Bullseye.

    Both coalitions have SA-11, SA-15 and SA-13 SAM defences at their Forward Airbase. Theses assets are protecting tank and
    artillery assets stationed at the Forward Airbase. There are also 4 Road Checkpoints at each base with AAA and MANPAD protection.

    All ground targets killed will count towards a coalitions score so it is vital that each coalition protect their friendly ground troops
    from enemy attack.

    Rearming is NOT available at any of the Forward Airbases!

    Mission is available to download HERE

    Disclaimer: We reserve the right to make small changes to the mission as any problems arise that were not foreseen during mission creation.

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    104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad


      104th Phoenix - 6 slots - Blue Side
      104th Phoenix Wing Commander / Total Poser / Elitist / Hero / Chad


        Reserved for 51st/100 kiap roster red side:

        100 KIAP SU-33

        1. COXY
        2. HIGHWAY
        3. FALCON
        4. KRAUT
        5. BLACKPIXXEL

        51st PVO SU-27/Mig-29S

        1. TEKNETINIUM SU-27
        2. BREAKSHOT MIG-29S
        3. YAMBO MIG-29S
        4. RICH SU-27
        5. FROSTIE SU-27
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          Provisional No. 15 Roster for the red side.

          Priority Six

          Verticle Charlie

          Standby Pilots


          Airframe- 5-J11A & 1 F-15
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          №15 | Verticle Charlie
          Commanding Officer
          No. 15 " Battle Axes "


            Athena Roster for Blue side

            Athena | Jumper Pilot F-14B
            Athena | Jazzy RIO F-14B
            Athena | Merlin Pilot F-18
            Boomer. Pilot F-14B
            Mafia. Rio F-14B
            Athena | Tab Pilot F-18
            Athena | Boon Pilot F-18
            Athena | Knockers Pilot F-18
            Athena | Cub Reserve Pilot F-18
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            Athena | Jazzy



              37.Sqn "Black Squares"

              1. mjugen - f14
              2. vati - f14
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              Modules: HAWK, Curtiss P-40F, WWII Assets Pack
              Wishlist: OV-10 Bronco, A-29B Supertucano


                VF-11 Red rippers Checking in

                VNAO VF-11 "Red Rippers"

                1. Firebird
                2. Strike
                3. Hai
                4. Cougar


                  "Red Rippers" BLUE F-14s Checking in

                  VNAO VF-11 "Red Rippers" BLUE F-14s

                  1. Firebird
                  2. Strike
                  3. Hai
                  4. Cougar
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                    SF Squadron - F/A-18C - Preferably blue but any ground based F-18 is fine

                    1. SF_Kapsu
                    2. SF_FATMAN
                    3. SF_Huntercamo
                    4. SF_Bushmanni
                    5. SF_Snhur
                    6. SF_Farrago (F-18 or F-15)
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                    DCS Finland - Finnish DCS community
                    SF Squadron


                      6 blue F18/F16 slots for 64th Aggressors (prefer ground based)

                      1. X-man
                      2. Rage
                      3. Moltar
                      4. Yaga
                      5. Combz
                      6. Krippz
                      7. Kazansky
                      8. Flame
                      9. Comie1
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                      64th "Scorpions" Aggressor Squadron
                      Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron


                        WinchesterDelta1 - F-16C and otherwise F-14B Red
                        Go in close, and when you think you are too close, go in closer.


                          TurboRUSH - Any Side to balance things out
                          F-16 or M2000


                            Lagnad - any side - F-18


                              ### RED ###

                              1. JG78_KEULE (F/A-18C or F-15C)
                              2. JG78_Hel (F/A-18C)
                              3. JG78_HorAz (F-15C)
                              4. JG78Flg_Ghost (F/A-18C)
                              5. JG78_Mutze
                              6. JG78Flg_FreakinGunner (F/A-18C)

                              ### BLUE ###

                              7. JG78_mauuuz (F-15C)
                              8. JG78_Flash
                              9. JG78_steak (F/A-18C)
                              10. JG78_M4Cd3v
                              11. JG78_Diesel (F-15C)
                              12. JG78_Letzter

                              ### Reserve for either side ###

                              13. JG78_Oskar
                              14. JG78_Blackpanther (F-15C)
                              15. JG78Flg_CoMa
                              16. JG78Flg_XploD (F/A-18C or F-15C)
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                              If I would like to fly SFM I could get it for free at World of Warplanes.

                              You only need 2 of the following 3: Altitude - Speed - Skill


                                Any side


                                  12 slots for TAW, willing to fly on both sides.

                                  TAW 1:

                                  TAW_redcoreSix (F-15)
                                  TAW_Sineg (F-15)
                                  TAW_SuddenlySquirrels (J-11)
                                  TAW_Alephro (F-15)
                                  TAW_DarksydeRob (F-15)
                                  TAW_NewbieTwo (F-15)
                                  TAW_STRYK3R (F-15)

                                  TAW 2:

                                  TAW_Insidior (F-15)
                                  TAW_Croncat (F-15/M-2000)
                                  TAW_VenomZA (J-11)
                                  TAW_Frostii (F-15)
                                  TAW_Mago (F-18C)
                                  TAW_Spectrumm (F-18C)
                                  TAW_Steeltiger (F-18C)
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                                    F99th-Misi (RED/BLUE) - F18


                                      FoxAlfa - (Red/Blue) MiG-29S, M2000C, A-10C, F-14 or F-18 and ofc F-16 if it come out.

                                      All the people keep asking for capabilities to be modelled.... I want the limitations to be modelled.... limitations make for realistic simulation.

                                      Arguing with an engineer is like wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a bit you realize the pig likes it.

                                      Long time ago in galaxy far far away:


                                        Paddle Pushers:
                                        1. TaoHermit
                                        2. Tex
                                        3. Delta
                                        4. Raza

                                        F15, F18, A10 or F16 - either side
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