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Server is running - cannot connect with client

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    Server is running - cannot connect with client

    EDIT - Resolved. Port forwarding needed to be reset to ip of DCS server. We had the open port 10308 assigned to the wrong PC.

    Hi all - I have a DCS server running. The server appears under the "My Servers" tab in my account profile. However, I cannot connect to it, and I have tried two different DCS PC's. All installations are fully updated. The two client PC's are in a different location from the server location. The port is 10308.

    I believe we opened port 10308 on our router, but I am not 100%. Would that be the only cause?

    Also, I can connect and administer the server by accessing my ED/DCS account profile and control the server remotely.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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