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A10c skin to A10c II

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    A10c skin to A10c II

    We had some lovely skins designed by a squadron member for the A10c. He's now not flying with us but we use his skins every day.

    None of us have experience with skinning, is there a simple guide for changing the skin to work with the A10c II?

    Cheers Andrew

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    I'll also advance the request of info about the A10C II Templates...


      It's the same templates.
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        Originally posted by Andrew u.k. View Post
        is there a simple guide for changing the skin to work with the A10c II?
        Have you tried simply copying them into the correct folder?

        E.g. from "Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\A-10C\YOURLIVERY" into "Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\A-10C_2\YOURLIVERY"

        If that won't work, try changing A-10C_2 to A-10CII

        As Joey pointed above, the templates and description are virtually the same for both modules.
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