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RWR-Mod for Mi-8 and Huey

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    RWR-Mod for Mi-8 and Huey

    here is a mod that adds a rwr system to the cockpit.


    Radar emitting Units appear in the outer circle. If a unit locks you it apears in the inner circle and a warning sound appears. If a radar guided missle is fired, an even more annoying warning sound appears.

    You can enable or disable the additional instrument in options

    Unfortunatly the object don't follow the panel vibrations in the UH-1


    1. unzip the file and copy the folder RWR to your savedgames mod-folder \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\aircraft\
    This part contains the 3d model, sounds and the display scripts for the RWR System.
    This alone would pass the Integrity Check.
    Unfortunatly DCS has to know that MI-8 and UH-1 has a RWR system so we have to do the second step
    2. Replace the files in in your DCS root folder. This can easily be done with QvGME ( is OvGME ready)
    the 2. step won't pass the Integrity Check.

    If you want to use this mod in multiplayer the second step has to be done on the server as well.
    Not every player on the server has to install the mod BUT: If for example a F16 player did not install the mod you won't see him on your RWR.
    If the second part is installed on the Server all AI units can be seen on your RWR.
    Have fun and please report bugs