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    Asset pack detected


    This week i made a big mission with lot of thing, sound, trigger and briefing with so many hours.
    I have noticed a remark in red 'wwii assets pack" but i didnt use this. I have checked in units box and no units assets pack...

    Do you have an idea? Thank you

    Try to save the mission as a new file name. It should only appear if a single unit was placed form the asset pack. But once you remove that object and save again it should delete it from the requiredModules table within the miz. If all else fails you can edit the miz manually and remove that entry. I do it all the time when people post missions with bugs that use and require mods.
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      Hey Grim, i tryed to rename and save but it's same.
      So ok, do you know where can i find this entry?

      Thank you



        Ok, I found it! First line! Could we enter the "Asset Pack server" without this line?