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Electronic War Jamming Script V2.0

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    Electronic War Jamming Script V2.0

    So there we go… (PDF document attached, here you can see some pics i made to better explain the script, and how it works)
    ESA_ Matador

    With this script you wlll emulate two different types of Jamming. Defensive, and Offensive.
    How to install.
    Fist, load MIST last version, then execute the function
    EWJamming("Prowler1") or just put the name you want.
    -- We all know that DCS lacks an Electronic War (EW) enviroment… The ECM, are available only for individual aircraft. But in modern conflicts, since Vietnam, the Jammers, with aircrafts like, F4 Phantom, A6 Intruder, F18 Hornet, or AWACS... have been used to avoid enemy SAMs to shot down aircrafts.
    -- What I did in this Script is to Emulate this EW (not simulate!!!). We need to use a little bit our imagination and to imagine, that some aircraft has Jamming Pods... with chaffs, ECMs or whatever. So i recommend that if you or any of your friends is flying as if he is carrying ECM pods... just put One or Two Mk82-84 to simulate that they are carrying this pod. And AVOID them to use them as weapons... (I would love if someone can model an AN/ANQ pod...).
    -- To start Jamming just go to F10 radio menú, and select Defensive Jamming On... Take into account that you can also jamm friendly missiles!!!
    -- This Defensive Script, creates a bubble with 5 layers (easily increased upon request) surrounding an aircraft called in the function, for instance "EWJamming('Prowler1')". THis will work in the aircraft which pilot´s name is “Prowler1”. What the scripts makes is, to explode the missile if the missile gets close enough the bubble. But the good point is that the missile will explode with certain probablility, depending on the distance to the Jammer, the closer the missile is to the Jammer, the more difficult, is for the missile to get its target.
    -- So, long story short... whatever missile guided by RADAR (AG or AA) is launched to an aircraft and the missile cross inside the bubble, the missile will be Jammed with a certain probability. It doesn’t matter if the missile is launched to the Jammer or to another aircraft who is inside its coverage bubble. The closer, the better!!...

    -- The layers of the bubble I put is something like this this.... (to modyfy it go to line 320)
    -- Layer 1 = 500 probability of succesfull Jamming = 85%
    -- Layer 2 = 1000 probability of succesfull Jamming = 65%
    -- Layer 3 = 2000 probability of succesfull Jamming = 50%
    -- Layer 4 = 4000 probability of succesfull Jamming = 30%
    -- Layer 5 = 7000 probability of succesfull Jamming = 15%
    -- It gives us plenty of new tactical opportunities and situations to work with. You can fly the Jammer by, escorting in a cruise, create a Shield between the SAMs and the aircrafts, or even to Blind enemy SAMs by overflying them really close.
    -- Each one has its adventages and inconvenient.
    --You can also use an IA as a ECM carrier or Jammer by using the function, "startDjamming('jammer')"

    --So there we go… THis is an awesome script... you can be the Stand Off Jammer (EA6 or F18G style!!). And you cannot “jam” only SAMs but shilkas, Vulcans, and every weapon that uses radar guided guns!!! (only, I could not make it work with ships yet)
    -- After the V1.0, which was based in a simple script where, it takes SAMs and switched them off depending on the distances and couple of other factors, i made this V2.0 which is much more advanced and have many other factors.
    --The script can be used with a player (A6 Prowler style) or with an Standoff Jamming with an AWACS or E2/E3 style... with the command "startEWjamm(jammer)"
    -- Now it takes into account, distances, angles between Jammer and SAMs and Aircraft targeted by SAMs (hereinafter “Target”), jammer altitude, Jammer and Target altitude differences, banking, pitching, and few other factors such as the “dice”.
    -- In this script I manage probabilities, and go/no go parameters. For instance, if the bank of the aircraft is too high, it takes into account, if the angle between the SAM and the Jammer... if it is not in the proper position, then, the jammer does not work. Others, such as distances, an altitudes, makes the probability of successful jamming to rise the lower the better... but if differences between Jammer and Target altitudes, the higher the differences, the lowest capacity of Jamming.
    -- Now I ll explain all these factors so you can plan your successful mission taking into account what is best for your mission profile.
    -- Another improvement is now, the radar does not Switch off. It just goes to Green Alarm state, it means, it does not fire, but is still working. Therefore, as in real life, you only know if the jamming is working if you are not being shot at!!!!!!.
    -- The script start working, when a SAM is TRACKING (not Detecting) a Target... when it does so, the script start doing checks, and if it is succesfull, the radar goes to weapon hold for few seconds, then it goes to weapons free, and if it detects a Target, the checks starts again.
    -- So... lets start, you have the instrucctions attached in a PDF document.

    The only factor here is the distance from the DECM Jammer and the aircraft escorted. Each ring (spherical) has an “influence” against an incoming missile. This POD does not affect the radar, neither lock SAM-Target. The scripts measures the distances between the missiles and the target... the closer to the Jammer the more probabilities that the Missile lost its target, so it explodes in the air... Its really freaking to see missiles coming.... if you maneouver to ensure the evasion, your mates will be out of your ring!!! So what to do??’ will you risk your fleet? In order to save your skin? Or you will be a tough guy and stay calm??? This is not for everyone!!!. Also imagine what SEAD missions you can make with convencional weapons!!!

    IF you want to use the IA as Defensive Jammer just do this
    EWJamming('Prowler1') or use whatever name that you are using in your mission editor.

    There are three different areas of jamming.. They depend on the distance taken between Jammer and SAM. And is proportional, see the drawing. It does not matter, if you are close, or long, it depends where the target is, related to both the SAM and the Jammer.

    So, if the Target is flying in the one area or another, is “covered” by the Jammer, partially covered, or uncovered.

    There could be the case, that the SAM will fire at you, but will be jammed during the Missile flight so, it will lost contact... so Even with Jamming..... keep an eye on the RWR and look for missiles!!! I am try to be realistic, not a Cheater!!!
    First Case:
    Jammer - SAM distance = 100km
    The probability of having a succesfull jamming of a SAM that is engaging a Target that is 50km from the SAM would be around 70%. (see below, that the target would exactly between both, SAM and Jammer)

    Second Case:
    Jammer - SAM distance = 20km
    The probability of having a succesfull jamming of a SAM that is engaging a Target that is 10km from the SAM would be also around 70%. (see below, that the target would exactly between both, SAM and Jammer) because the relations are the same.

    Third Case:
    Jammer - SAM distance = 100km
    The probability of having a succesfull jamming of a SAM that is engaging a Target that is 10km from the SAM would be around 20%. You see, the target is ini the same distance to the SAM that in case 2, but the Jammer is much further!!!.

    What I tryied to simulate is the BURN THROUGH effect, that is always dependant on these three factors. SAM, JAMMER and TARGET. Take into account that the Jammer can be the Target, that case is always around 90% possibility of Succesfull Jamming (so you have to be always worried about that 10%!!!.
    So, if you are the Offensive Jammer... and you are doing a Close Jamming for better protection, you better wear the Defensive Pods!!!.
    I am flying this with F5, and i put three Mks simulating the weight and the aerodynamic reduction. But you do whatever makes you feel confortable!!
    There is a Phenomenon due to the distance between the JAMMER and the SAM. This is the lobe factor. The closer the JAMMER to the SAM, the wider is the effect the jamming has in the SAM detection system. So I simulate this. Aircraft in the opposite side are not covered... unless the JAMMER is very close. Red area is the “Burn through” distances.

    So, what happen if there is a package of Targets flying in the scenery... you guess!!

    There is not very much information about this... at least for a non technical engineer in the subject like me. But I search for atmospheric conditions that can affect radar emissions. And I found few things that makes me believe that the higher the worst. Some phenomenon such as ducting and others although can make you detect objects from higher distances, the emissions suffers deviations... Temperature, Pressure must be factors.
    Also, I guess that the higher is the angle of incidence between the Jammer and the SAM, the less performance on jamming, so... I put a variable against the successful jamming that is, every 1000m of difference between the JAMMER and the SAM will be a 1% against the successful jamming.
    Clouds also would be great to add as a variable, but I did not find a way via scripting to know if there are clouds in the LOS of the JAMMER and SAM.

    One thing that we have to take into account is the “Burn through” effect, this is when the signal of the TARGET is so high that the JAMMER cant interfere... this depends in lots of factors, mostly technical... But my conclusion is that if the JAMMER and TARGET are in the same altitude the signal received by the SAM will probably better JAMMED as in the picture below. In this script, the probability against successful jamming is -1% for every 1000m of difference

    There is not too much information about this too. But I found that old jammers usually were able to work in certain angles. But modern ones covers the 360º degrees. If you have any source, we can emulate different ones. For the moment, it covers 360º but, an option to be easily edited in the .lua file will be done. You could states which bearings will be jammed and which not, front and the rear angle. See below a top view.

    For a proper jamming, we have to take into account the 3 dimensions. This is the last point that will be taken into account. So, I will describe what angles are covered with a simple picture. The angle of jamming for bank and pitch is 30º over the horizon.
    As final example of the last point exposed, you can see in the picture below.

    After all described here, you can see that there are a lot of variable that can influence in a successful jamming. Most of them, sounds credible (to me at least) so, I really ask you to help if you have information relevant to the subject.
    Thank you, and I hope you enyoy it!!!
    IF you want to use the IA as Offensve Jammer just do this:
    startEWjamm(“jammer”) or use whatever name that you are using in your mission editor.

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    Looks good. Looking forward to trying it out.

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      I added the .lua file and an example mission with an F5. You have to cover the strike... Feel free to change the aircrafts, just keep the name of the Prowler1.


        For everyone...

        Edited the first post.

        Script is completed, very simple to use, just doing

        EWJamming("Prowler1") and everything else is automated!!!! no write names of SAMs or difficult work. Just this... I am really proud of the achivement. It works perfect also with IADS script from Grimes!!! go ahead and try it!!!


          Very cool!

          Quite ingenious!

          The talent of the members here never ceases to amaze me!

          Thank you.
          "Yeah, and though I work in the valley of Death, I will fear no Evil. For where there is one, there is always three. I preparest my aircraft to receive the Iron that will be delivered in the presence of my enemies. Thy ALCM and JDAM they comfort me. Power was given unto the aircrew to make peace upon the world by way of the sword. And when the call went out, Behold the "Sword of Stealth". And his name was Death. And Hell followed him. For the day of wrath has come and no mercy shall be given."


            Next step (script 3.0) is to make a "chaff corridor" .... I see lots of potential with this.

            The idea...
            To make an area with an inactive unit waypoints, and then, use it like... if Aircraft is in zone, radar wont shoot at you,l with a percentage... of probability let say 85, 90% so teh probability always exist, but.... you are "safer".

            THis would be for "predefined" chaff corridors,

            Step two, much better, is to put a plane, that is "dynamically" creating a corridor that will stand for few minutes of safeness!

            Now I need to think how to approach the problem!


              Awesome! Chaff corridors would be pretty cool.
              VMFT-401 Сниперс



                Originally posted by -CHIEF- View Post
                Awesome! Chaff corridors would be pretty cool.

                Its done!!! works really good!!

                CHAFF corridors.

                For the moment it does not affect enemy aircrafts, nor shps but... for ground radars works great!! you are well protected, but you can be fired also.... and sometimes, the enemy radar "breaks" the lock and the missile explodes in the air, is really cool!!

                you just need to do this, with a unit let say "chaffunit" or whatever name you want to give it, you put in late activation, and design the corridor with waypoints... you can do as many corridors as you want. then you execute via DO SCRIPT the following function

                Chaffjamm("chaffunit", Altitude, initiate, duration)

                altitude: the closer to the altitude you fly, the better you are protected.
                Initiate: Time to start after you execute the function.
                duation: the interval time it will be working


                Time More 2 > Do Script
                Chaffjamm("chaffunit", 2000,60, 1200)

                The chaffunit corridor will be open at 62 secs, and will stay open until 1262 secs.


                Unit in zone > Do Script
                Chaffjamm("chaffunit", 2000,0, 600)

                The chaffunit corridor will be open when certain unit is over certain trigger zone from the ME, and will be open during 600 secs.

                So, you can "pretend" there is a Chaff dispenser dedicate aircraft with a big corridor.

                Or you can make an aircraft to go on activating small areas for short time...

                So, missions here are many, You can be... strike flight flying across the corridor. You can be the activating aircraft (Chaff DIspenser), you could be an escort of the Chaff dispenser!!. Or (what I like the most) be a sead aircraft... previous the Strike package. Remember, although you are protected, the threat is still there... you can arm rockets, and bombs an fly as a WIld Weasel low, looking for AAA and SAMs (aided with the RWR)ç

                Remember you also have Stand OFf jammers, and ECM defensive pods if you want. You can use one or more of them.

                I like to do this.

                Une StandOff jammer (AWACS) is jamming at 70-100 nm... to protect the initial zone, deep inside the enemy lines you put a Chaff corridor to double the electronic attack. And you or couple of IAs uses the Defensive ECM (with the buble SYstem).

                But feel free, may be you can only use the Stand Off, or the Defensive, or The Chaff corridor.
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                  I may be dumb here but what does this mean?

                  "Fist, load MIST last version"

                  Now I realise you mean "First", but what is MIST and where do I get the latest version????

                  Sorry for being dumb.

                  Can this mod be loaded using OvGME?


                    Originally posted by Gosling View Post
                    Now I realise you mean "First", but what is MIST and where do I get the latest version????

                    Sorry for being dumb.

                    Can this mod be loaded using OvGME?

                    Observe one of the "Sticky" threads above in this forum. Mist is a script file that must be loaded into a mission (usually at mission start) using a trigger function.


                      Hi ESAc_matador.

                      Is it possible to have an update of "EW script 2.00.lua" with the current version of DCS-World?


                        EW script 2.00.lua no longer works with the latest DCS-World updates.