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VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm

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    VPC Flightstick Extension - 200mm

    Hi guys.

    Last week I received my 200mm curved extension from Virpil.
    I have to say, pretty awesome. I was looking for a better way to switch my Grips, since the normal Mini-Din Connector is kind a PITA.

    With this extension, the female connector is screwed into the extension, so the Thrustmaster Grips fit on there like a glove.

    The VIRPIL Page talks about an easy way to change the rotation of the grip...
    As far as I can see, the only way to rotate the grip is by screwing out the above mentioned screws which holds the cable in place... Which would negate the benefit a bit.

    Dissassembled the whole top, but I couldnt figure out an alternative way of giving me that 5° rotatation. If there is no other way, I will drill in two more holes to keep the female connector at those 5°... But somehow I expected a smoother way...

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    I also use the 200mm extension with a warthog grip. Unscrewing the female connector in the extension gives the advantage of pulling it out a bit to plug it into the grip first before screwing the grip on the extension. But you are right, the mini-din is really not easy to handle in tight space.


      it is because the virpil connector (on virpil grips) that plugs into the base / extension is better
      designed than then warthog one and is a cable, so it is very easy to adjust the angle
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