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Small F16 VR Cockpit

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    Once again Some progress


      I made some progress. I switched from vr to both vr and non vr. Also, for now I use F4toserial which for the non vr experiance only supports F4 bms. The succesor of f4toserial will also support dcs. Thats why i used bms for this short first test flight. The landing is terrible but i was just trying out if the pit worked.






            Fantastic progress, looks great!


              Very nice chessna cockpit.

              Do you already have VR experience with flight sims?

              In VR no need for a cockpit when you are flying jets with HOTAS. You just need throttle and stick at the correct position in space. (Important for immersion). A configurable chair is also nice for immersion (I use a used car chair as desktop chair and flight seat.)

              For all switches and buttons not on the HOTAS I use DCS clickable cockpit.

              Use an used stable office desk with drawers.

              one of the left drawers -> Throttle
              one of the right drawers -> Stick (F16 no need for deskmount)

              Invest the saved money in a nice Hardware, HOTAS and HMD.

              You can switch very fast from cockpit to office desk as a bonus. :-)

              I appreciate a nice cockpit and the creativity for conventional simming, but in VR I feel like it is a waste of resources ;-)
              How to achieve high framerates in VR
              VIC-20@1.108 MHz, onboard GPU, 5KB RAM, μυωπία goggles, Competition Pro HOTAS


                Thanks for watching. I do have a vr headset and I use it in the pit when I fly dcs. BMS doesnt support vr.