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New Capt Zeen F-16C v0.5 Helios profile !!!

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    New Capt Zeen F-16C v0.5 Helios profile !!!

    Hello all !

    I've been very busy lately so i dont have a lot of free time to work on Helios profiles, but everytime i can find a spare time, i put all the effors on this new proyect.

    Is only the main pilot panel, i am still working on the lateral panels, but meanwhile, you can use this and test it!

    I promisse to finish it as soon as posible!

    So... here you got! a brand new F-16C V0.5 Helios profile!


    For this profile i exported all the instruments, lamps, selectors, switches and levers in the F-16C main panel cockpit and alarms lamps.
    Of course i added the navigation panel from others profiles, so you can check airport charts, tactical maps, ndbs, etc


    This new profile uses the Generic interface, so you need to have the Helios version 1.4.2019.1005 or above
    You can donwload from here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3302014/
    And yes, for the first time in Helios, you can use the mouse weel to rotate rotarys and pots, thanks to BeamRider!


    F16C_V0.5.hpf .....................16:10 monitor resolutions
    F16C_V0.5b.hpf .....................16:9 monitor resolutions


    In this version i included a new file organization for the export. Thanks a lot to Crivi, who reorganized all the files and fucntions by planes.
    Now, new airplanes can have their own files and do not ineterfere with the helios main export functions.
    You need to install those files in your scripts folder.


    I made two different profiles, v0.5 for 16:10 monitors and v0.5b for 16:9 monitors. Use the one better fit width you monitor resolution.

    - Thanks:

    I made the entire graphic art, based on screenshots of the simulator and the textures folder of the game.
    I used the airport charts from
    I used the Persian Gulf Kneeboard pages by Pellelil - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3303320/
    I used the Nevada/Arizona Airports diagrams V2.3 -
    I used the DCS Normandy Aerodrome Charts V1.0 by Capt Zeen -
    For the export.lua i used the Loophole version, compatible width KA50, A10c and FC3 as a base for all my implementations.
    In the export.lua i include a couple of functions by [FSF]Ian to export the digits of the UV26 for the MI-8
    Thanks to Crivi, who reorganized all the export files by airplanes and functions.
    I want to give thanks to Bluefinbima, for let me include the new helios controls and features, and the new A10C interface.
    Thanks to Rashmaninov, for implementing the new helios Trans-rotate control. ¬°Gracias amigo!
    Thanks to Cylution, yzfanimal, Damien022, Derammo, Piet Van Nes and BeamRider for the good work done implementing new Helios features.
    And of course to Gadroc for creating Helios, this great software.


    Main Front Panel:
    - All the instruments, switches and lamps
    - Empty spaces to visualize the viewport exports for the cockpit

    Alarms Panel:
    - Panel with the alarms indicators

    Navigation panel:
    Aerodromes and visual operation chart v 4.0.3 -
    Persian Gulf Kneeboard pages by Pellelil - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3303320/
    Nevada/Arizona Airports diagrams V2.3 -
    DCS Normandy Aerodrome Charts V1.0 by Capt Zeen -
    Custom panel - for user custom images, replace the ones in : Documents\Helios\Images\Capt_Zeen\Kneeboards\custom using the same name of the images

    - About panel:
    - Info about the profile and version.


    -Install Helios if you don't have it yet. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3302014/
    -Copy the profile on the profiles folder, usualy in user/my documents/helios/profiles
    -Copy the folder Capt_Zeen on the images folder, usualy in user/my documents/helios/images
    -Run the HeliosProfileEditor, load the profile F16C_V0.5 or F16C_V0.5b, and perform a Reset Monitors from the menu Profile.
    -Save the profile using your custom name

    As example, here you got a video tutorial where you can see how i do this process on the F18 profile:


    -Open the Helios Control Center, select the profile and start it.


    Included in the package, there is a folder called "DCS Monitor Configuration" width a complete folders structure you can drop on DCS World instalation folder. This structure prepare the diferents lua scripts to export the views to the second monitor to represent the Pilot cockpit.

    Unless you got my same configuration (two 1920x1080 monitors), you will need to change the coordinates x and y of every viewport and the width and height sizes of them in the DCS Monitor Configuration\Config\MonitorSetup files.
    Change it before copy to the game folder, and save a copy of this structure, cause DCS world rewrite this files every update!

    To calculate the correct position of each viewport, run Helios and start the profile. Take a screenshot and paste the image in any art program. Paint from Windows works well.
    Put the cursor over the left-up corners of every empty spaces and write down the coordinates. Drag a box from that point to the right_down corner, and take the width and height of the rectangle.
    Modify the 2_monitors-F16C.lua width your correct numbers. and you can now copy the complete "DCS Monitor Configuration" folder to the DCS game folder, or use a Mods control program like OVGME to do it.

    As example, here you got a video tutorial where you can see how i do this process on the F18 profile:

    As always you can download from my site:


    discord channel for support:
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    Capt_Zeen_Youtube Channel

    ...another work of art - we are all so lucky to have you - thank you for another stunning profile
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      Thank you sir. I've been waiting on this since the F-16 downloaded. I've gotten so spoiled to y'alls work that I can't find any enjoyment in flying without them.


        I have never used Helios before, and I have a question
        Can we export even single instruments?
        For example
        If I have a small lcd screen, can I export only the stby ADI?
        Thanks a lot for the help


          thanks cz amazing
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            Awesome thanks

            Question, how do I get the dcs generic interface? When trying to load it, says can not find it? I have Helios ver 1.4.2019.1005 but dont have KA50 interface.. I do have DCS black shark but it wont use it.
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              Outstanding work there buddy! really appreciate your efforts!
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                Really enjoying this profile. Thanks!
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                  Did this profile get completed? just checking to see if i missed it.
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                    hmm, so gotta look for a touchscreen monitor now!!!


                      Profile works great for me except the DED and the RWR don't show up for me on my 2nd monitor. The EHSI and the left & right mfcd work fine. Any ideas? I know I have the coordinates correct. They just don't show up on either monitor no matter where I set the values.


                        maybe an error in the viewporthandling lua?
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                          Originally posted by ilikepie View Post
                          maybe an error in the viewporthandling lua?
                          I'm not sure. It works fine with the "1 monitor lua", but not with 2 monitors.


                            what screen set up do you have? and do you have the viewport lua for it?
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                              Weird. For some reason it just started working. I didn't change or do anything. Thanks for your replies.


                                good to hear its sorted. Hopefully this profile will be completed soon too
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