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Oculus Go with DCS?

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    I tested Google cardboard and selfmade head tracking together. Works fine as 6DOF. I think when you use GO and head tracking you get good preformance and 6 DOF.


      sorry I know old thread, but I had the quest for a short while, and it seems to be the go to, since it has an oled , no thanks to rift s. I might add that I had top of the line wifi equipment, that might be the only downfall for some


        Hi, i bought an oculus go 64 giga but i can't get it to work on dcs open beta nor on other versions. i tried with the links you put but it can't connect to the server. My pc has the following features: asus intel core i7 2.2 GHz, 16gb ram, 500gb ssd hard drive, geforce gt 630m 2gb and windows10 and as an internet connection I have adsl speed 90 mega.
        Could you kindly help me on how to install oculus go on dcs?
        thank you.