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    It's clearly optimized for mobile, where it looks good:

    Click image for larger version

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    ...which is more than can be said for how it presents on my desktop:

    Click image for larger version

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    I've seen other forums and sites make a similar move. Apparently mobile users are more important.


      Not a fan of the new design when viewed on a PC. Text is too small and there's a lot of wasted space. It looks unfinished.
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        I wonder if the DCS person responsible for this new forum design cares that people don't like it, or simply thinks "GFY, you're going to use it even if you hate it, you're using it right now while you whine about it, so who cares if you don't like it"?

        That's actually not a shot at the person, more a thought about how business people handle the realities of business.
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          Well done on the new look your forum now runs on par with the simulator.


            Just after 1 day, I'm navigating a lot better. This is not the worst layout of the forum. We could ask for improvements.

            If you're gonna save space by making subsections smaller fonts, why not move the foreign language section to different page altogether?
            And please remove the scrolling animation when you click on last post icon.


              Originally posted by schurem View Post
              But it isn't. Boy are we a conservative lot. The old forum was a pain to read on a mobile device. This isn't. It was a pain to maintain and secure. This one most likely isn't. It's called progress buddy. And yea, that entails change.
              This progress has to stop!
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                On the old forum i used to open the forum, then could go to Official Updates for example and with a glace you could see if the thread you were interested in had been updated as the heading was bold and then jump straight to the last page.

                Is this possible here? Atm i'm seeing Sticky's highlighted (in yellow) but cannot tell if the thread has been updated and can't see if it's possible to quickly go to the last page. Anyone know if this is doable on the new forum.


                  I am getting used to the new forum design and features already. Not bad at all.
                  As always, we (as humans) usually struggle with change initially, but then it all works out in the end...
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                    Originally posted by Wrightie View Post
                    On the old forum i used to open the forum, then could go to Official Updates for example and with a glace you could see if the thread you were interested in had been updated as the heading was bold and then jump straight to the last page.

                    Is this possible here? Atm i'm seeing Sticky's highlighted (in yellow) but cannot tell if the thread has been updated and can't see if it's possible to quickly go to the last page. Anyone know if this is doable on the new forum.
                    Updated posts will still be in bold. And you can click the fast forward icon next to the last post indicated on each thread to jump to last post. This icon seems to be missing in couple themes. Use Default theme. Not Forum Default but just Default.

                    It's still too bright for me but all features seems to be working in Default.


                      In my opinion the new forum is pure bullshit. Where are today's posts? How do I go to the last post of a thread? I just can't see at a glance, when the last post was written. If this is progress, I want to go back to the "Cold War" era.
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                        I don't know if it's related to the new forum, but is anyone else not able to see comments on the User Files?
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                          After trying to use the new forum for something like 15 minutes, I have the feeling I've got to vomit. I'm out of here. Will be back in a few weeks, maybe...
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                            Originally posted by Mr_Burns View Post
                            why fix something that wasn’t broken?
                            edit: i did not expect this to develop into a wall of text, it just happened. Sorry for that

                            To be fair and to make this ("why this had to be done") accessible to non-webdeveloper/IT-folks aka 'pure users' (well, that sounds quite rude. It really isn't meant to): first off, you guys don't have to stop reading here. I'm with you guys. Really. The new forum in it it's current state really is a mess. But it's not that easy.

                            Simply reverting to the old software (edit: just read my above quoted post and i wrote "revert to old theme", which is not! to be confused with "revert to old software". Just 'in before' Read on for that two paragraphs or so below) isn't a thing like NineLine already mentioned.

                            Here is why: the old one really was outdated, bug ridden, not maintained anymore for ages already (this, old and new, forum software isn't done by ED. It's standard software used by most forums out there off the shelf that takes years to develop and a lot of work to maintain) with no option for new features or important bug fixes and hence a big security mishap just waiting to happen and a general dead end.
                            It's been like using Windows 95 in 2020: dead for long but still functioning to a certain degree within it's tight constraints and just waiting to fall apart.
                            It's really been necessary to get rid of that before someone got hurt.
                            Imagine all the forum user email/usernames/passwords leaking to an easy hack due to known holes ED can't fix (and the shitstorm happening because no one realizes they can't fix it themselves) and everyone waking up to 100 Viagra spam mails per day or someone hijacking your account flood posting whatever illegal stuff on this forums for giggles. Multiply this with the fact a lot of folks use the same username/password on different websites/forums (really, don't) and hacking is an mostly automated process. Once your everywhere-used user/password is on a list, it's brute force slammed into thousands of websites and chances are good losing your DCS forum account is your least issue. That's something ED can not prevent at all while running this old software that isn't maintained anymore by it's developers. But they would have been hit full force by it's consequences. It's really been necessary. Really. I hope everyone can see now.

                            The good part: the new software isn't that much of a (our current) problem fortunately.

                            Some, but the least of the problems people complain about are indeed due to the new forum software being used. Not being tapatalk compatible anymore for example, which seems not to be implemented by default. But afaik there's tapatalk plugins for the forum software to make this work again once implemented (most probably) if ED decides so.

                            The majority of problems described really result in the theme being used (developed? Not sure if this is off the shelf or inhouse tbh).

                            The forum software actually does not display any data like posts, topics, user profiles or the like at all, it's just a framework that manages the data (users, topics, posts, all the pure content and all the backoffice stuff) and provides tools to handle, store, manipulate and work with it.
                            The theme is what defines the look and feel. It defines what data is displayed, where it is displayed and the way it is displayed (font, size, color, backgrounds, the whole layout, all the visual stuff. There can also be several themes, like the light and dark one we got right now). It's a bit like a car where the engine, gear and mechanics are the forum software and the body, instrument panel and painting is the theme.
                            Functions for providing latest/active posts and the like are all in the software, it's just that the theme does not use them to display it/display it where we'd expect. All the things i mentioned in the above quoted post are theme related for example.

                            Things here can be changed with more or less work and themes are quite flexible. Let's label it "relatively easy". ED already got some input and they are working on it already NineLine said.

                            I'm writing all this to give folks a bit of insight of how things work technically regarding our forums and with that help folks push their criticism the right way.

                            Simply shitstorming "revert to old forums" won't do it, that's a dead end. If you read all above you certainly understand and agree. Give ED a helping hand and qualify what's missing. You don't have to be a webjockey for that and use leet lingo, take a pic of what's wrong and explain what you'd expect instead.

                            For ED i'm kindly asking to listen to what irks folks with the new forums and change it. The forums are really a big part of what makes the DCS experience and really important. But in it's current state it really is no joy and not inviting to participate at all.

                            Also apologies @ED if my above quoted page 1 post was a bit rude maybe, i've literally been shocked and just wrote down unfiltered what i thought and felt that moment. Take it as a bluntly user reaction, no offense intended at all

                            Disclaimer: this post has been written being quite tired and also might contain non-native English speaker related ambiguities, i'll probably edit it tomorrow i guess. You've been warned
                            This here could be a signature picture. Could.

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                              Originally posted by Desert Fox View Post
                              ... Simply shitstorming "revert to old forums" won't do it, that's a dead end....
                              Thanks a lot for such an enlightening post

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                                It really sucks. Thought my Android died away and let Firefox restart. Think this will be my last time here around, my eyes hurt. Please stop that covid 19 theme and put the manwork to really needed updates.


                                  The big problem I have right now, and it might just not knowing how to do it, is once I’m done reading a post and I use the back arrow on the iPhone I have to start my search all over again. Is there a way to set Latest Post as default and have it to where I don’t have to go searching for where I left off. I have to go back through all the posts again.


                                    I do miss the thread page links where you could go directly to a specific page next to the thread titles BTW. Now you can only click the thing and go to page one or click a tiny thing next to the user's name and go straight to the latest post where you'd have to scroll up first which is just cumbersome.

                                    Also, the date line on top of a post is just way too small, the font is very much thinned out and almost impossible to read.

                                    And I won't change my opinion on the design until mankind finds a way to repair opticus nerves and I'll quote Nick Grey on this: The new default design "sucks balls" (that applies to any design that lacks colours) and sadly, the dark theme is utterly broken at this point and doesn't really look nice even though it feels better to the eyes. The old colour scheme with the blues and reds just was [CORRECT AS WAS]. And now somehow I feel my pastance pun on [CORRECT AS IS] doesn't work quite well...

                                    ​Also, I'm constantly getting

                                    Unable to contact server. Please try again.

                                    If this error continues please contact the site administrator.

                                    When switching pages while reading a thread. The thing just seems to timeout at some point and with my impaired vision, I'm one of the slowest readers on earth. I always have to MiG28 the page before I can open up the next page. This whole scripety script interface is just pain in the plot nowadays. Why can't we just have simple, good old GET requests with parameters loading a new page anymore? It was sooo much faster with the old board version. ED having bought/licensed this for hard earned money must now feel like a customer of a former 3rd party they had ​​

                                    And trying to edit this once again showed how cumbersome it is when middle clicks on vital functions don't work anymore...
                                    Last edited 10-22-2020, 12:56 AM.


                                      Eventually I managed to get here to post!
                                      For me this new format is unusable.
                                      It may be great for mobile devices, but I run DCS on a desktop computer and I want this forum to be usable on a desktop computer.
                                      Sorry, but while it remains like this I am out of here.


                                        I've been trying to get used to this new forum too - but I'm having the same problems as others and am finding it frustrating. I have no idea what new posts have been done since my last visit. The "Latest Activity" has a 'View more' button that only works for a few clicks and then stops showing anything else. (And even if it did continue to work, it's so inefficient).

                                        I appreciate Desert Fox's view on the why's - but that still doesn't stop the issues. The last 24hrs has had numerous questions and requests, met by silence (and if not silence from ED - I can't "find" their posts to say otherwise).. I'm left not knowing if these issues are even been considered or if what we have here is 'it'. I'm thinking norbot and terry have the right idea - for me at least -in that if it's frustrating the way it is now, it's probably better for me to leave and find somewhere else to join up for DCS conversations - and check back in, in a few weeks to see if issues have been addressed rather than get more frustrated trying to persist with something that in it's current form is unworkable for me.

                                        I hope to be back in a few weeks. Ciao.


                                          I remember someone saying we want ED to work on something important than optimize the game textures. Maybe this was the something important they were working on.