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Eclipse Task-Force is Recruiting!!

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    Eclipse Task-Force is Recruiting!!

    Eclipse Task-Force is Recruiting Pilots!

    Who We Are: We are a Semi-Milsim DCS fighter squadron which focuses on realism, while keeping a friendly atmosphere within our members.

    How We work: We do Weekly missions, we do Satal [6v6 or 4v4 PVP event] and are always looking for SATAL Pilots, we have trainings and trainers who are dedicated to Train newer players and help improve you skill

    What Aircraft do we operate: We primarily Operate [F-18C, F-16C, JF-17, M2K, F-14B, F-15C, SU-27] But we do not restrict pilots to anything, as they are allowed to fly anything they like.

    Where we are: We are international and we normally operate Between 1200-2000 Zulu if you would like to Check us out more you are always welcome to join the discord and ask more questions.

    If You would like anybody is welcome to join the Discord and chat with us.

    Discord for Squadron: [We are also looking for 2 Pilots for satal Gold League].